VOLUME 38 - ISSUE 2 (Statistics)

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Screening of latent tuberculosis infection among health care workers working in Hajj pilgrimage area in Saudi Arabia, using interferon gamma release assay and tuberculin skin test April 22, 2018 2017 681
Donor-specific HLA-DQ antibodies may contribute to poor graft outcome after heart transplantation April 17, 2018 1919 611
Elevated fasting blood glucose, but not obesity, is associated with coronary artery disease in patients undergoing elective coronary angiography in a referral hospital in Jordan April 18, 2018 1706 580
Age at presentation of undescended testicles: a single-center study in Saudi Arabia May 17, 2018 1916 489
Outcomes of common general surgery procedures for patients discharged over weekends at a tertiary care hospital in Saudi Arabia April 18, 2018 1563 671
Turnover among Filipino nurses in Ministry of Health hospitals in Saudi Arabia: causes and recommendations for improvement April 22, 2018 1885 516
Reproductive health profile and circumcision of females in the Hali semi-urban region, Saudi Arabia: A community-based cross-sectional survey April 22, 2018 3614 1080
Endobronchial biopsy in the final diagnosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma: a clinicopathological study April 22, 2018 1612 574
Comparison of cochlear duct length between the Saudi and non-Saudi populations April 18, 2018 1453 584
Cerebrospinal fluid leakage after turbinate submucosal diathermy: an unusual complication April 17, 2018 1544 643
Vitamin D deficiency in sickle cell disease patients in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia April 22, 2018 1770 714
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