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Editor's Corner

Transcatheter percutaneous aortic valve implantation: The dream has become a reality

Walid M. Hassan

Original article

Analysis of gene mutations involved in chloroquine resistance in Plasmodium falciparum parasites isolated from patients in the southwest of Saudi Arabia

Saad M. Bin Dajema and Ahmed Al-Qahtanib

Original Article

Invasive pulmonary aspergillosis in acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and the diagnostic value of combined serological tests

Xiaofang Gao, Liangan Chen, Guangrong Hu, and Haiyu Mei

Original Article

Recombinant activated factor VII in controlling bleeding in non-hemophiliac patients

Farjah H. AlGahtani,a Mashael Alshaikh,b and AbdulRehman AlDiaba

Original article

Prevalence of overweight and obesity in Saudi children and adolescents

Mohammad I. El Mouzan,Peter J. Foster,b Abdullah S. Al Herbish,a Abdullah A. Al Salloum,a Ahmad A. Al Omer,c Mansour M. Qurachi,d and Tatjana Kecojevicb

Original article

Establishing abdominal height cut-offs and their association with conventional indices of obesity among Arab children and adolescents

Nasser Al-Daghri,a Majed Alokail,a Omar Al-Attas,a Shaun Sabico,a and Sudhesh Kumarb


A “good death”: perspectives of Muslim patients and health care providers

Mohamad A. Tayeb, Ersan Al-Zamel, Muhammed M. Fareed, and Hesham A. Abouellail

Brief Report

Water pipe (shisha) smoking among male students of medical colleges in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia

Attia Z. Taha,a Amr A. Sabra,Zaid Z. Al-Mustafa,b Hasan R. Al-Awami,b Mujtaba A. Al-Khalaf,b and Momen M. Al-Momenb

Case Report

Clinical experience with alteplase in the management of intracardiac and major cardiac vessels thrombosis in pediatrics: a case series

Abdulrazaq S. Al-Jazairi,a Roaa A. Al-Gain,a Zead R. Bulbul,b and Antoine J. Cherfanc

Case Report

Fetal valproate syndrome in a 2-month-old male infant

Syed A. Zaki, Amol Phulsundar, Preeti Shanbag, and Anupama Mauskar

Case Report

Synchronous double primary lung cancers via p53 pathway induced by heavy smoking

Cheng-Chih Lin,a,b Chih-Feng Chian,a Wann-Cherng Perng,a and Ming-Fang Chengc

Case Report

Delayed presentation of severe combined immunodeficiency due to prolonged maternal T cell engraftment

Saleh Z. Al-Muhsen



Reina Tejano


Oral contraceptives alter oral health

Rajiv Saini,a Santosh Saini,b and Sugandha Sharmac


Granulomatous gall bladder: A surgico-pathological challenge

Roobina Khan, Shaista M Vasenwala, Shaukat H. Arif, and Syed H. Harris


RE: Reactive macrophage activation syndrome (MAS) in a patient with parvovirus B19 infection, lymphocytic lichenoid vasculitis, urticaria and angioedema

Luis Gonzalez-Granado


RE: Black ant stings caused by Pachycondyla sennaarensis: A significant health hazard

Sulaiman Al Gazlan



Marzouqah Alanazi


Fludarabine-induced bradycardia in a patient with refractory leukemia

Woei Chung-Lo, Ching-Yun Hsieh, Chang-Fang Chiu, and Li-Yuan Bai

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