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Original Article

Candidal colonization, strain diversity, and antifungal susceptibility among adult diabetic patients

Safia A. Al-Attas and Soliman O. Amro

Original article

Quasispecies of genotype 4 of hepatitis C virus genomes in Saudi patients managed with interferon alfa and ribavirin therapy

Ahmed A. Al-Qahtani,a George Kessie,a,* Damian Dela Cruz,a Faleh Z. Al-Faleh,and Mohammed N. Al-Ahdala,c

Original article

Linkage and haplotype analysis for chemokine receptors clustered on chromosome 3p21.3 and transmitted in family pedigrees with asthma and atopy

Saleh A. Al-Abdulhadiand Mohammed W. O. Al-Rabiab

Original Article

A meta-analysis of highly active anti-retroviral therapy for treatment of plasmablastic lymphoma

Bing Guan, Xinhau Zhang, Henhui Ma, Hangbo Zhou, and Xiaojun Zhou

Original Article

Inter- and intraobserver variation between radiologists in the detection of abnormal parenchymal lung changes on high-resolution computed tomography

Hanaa Al-Khawari,a Reji P. Athyal,b Osama Al-Saeed,a Prio N. Sada,b Sana Al-Muthairi,c and Adel Al-Awadhic

Original Article

Fetal weight normograms for singleton pregnancies in a Jordanian population

Nahla Subhi Al-Bayyaria and Adel Taha Abu-Heijab


The attitude towards disclosure of bad news to cancer patients in Saudi Arabia

Ali H. Aljubran

Brief Report

Rate of conversion and complications of laparoscopic cholecystectomy in a tertiary care center in Saudi Arabia

Wagih Ghnnam,a Jawid Malek,b Emad Shebl,b Turky Elbeshry,b and Ahmad Ibrahimb

Brief Report

Computer-aided endoscopic sinus surgery: a retrospective comparative study

Jamil N. Al-Swiahb and Surayie H. Al Dousary

Case Report

Homozygosity for the Mediterranean α-thalassemic deletion (hemoglobin Barts hydrops fetalis)

Nasir A. S. Al-Allawi,a Maida Y. Shamdeen,and Najeeb S. Rasheedc

Case Report

Chronic anemia due to watermelon stomach

Baris Yildiz,a Cenk Sokmensuer,a and Volkan Kaynaroglub

Case Report

Human infection with Dicrocoelium dendriticum in Turkey

Zeynep Taş Cengiz,a Hasan Yilmaz,a Ahmet Cumhur Dülger,and Mutalip Çiçekc

Case Report

Successful transfer from insulin to oral sulfonylurea in a 3-year-old girl with a mutation in the KCNJ11 gene

Maria Al-Mahdi,a Angham Al Mutair,b Mohammed Al Balwi,c and Khalid Hussaind


Murrah and Sunn herbs induced liver failure

Ibrahim Altraif and Mutasim Dafalla


Congenital cutis laxa

Anupama Mauskar, Preeti Shanbag, Varsha Ahirrao, and Leena Nagotkar


RE: Extracorporeal circulatory systems in the interhospital transfer of critically ill patients: experience of a single institution

Peter Feindt, Hannan Dalyanoglu, and Artur Lichtenberg


Type V aplasia cutis congenita

Umar A. Qureshia and Nisar Ahmedb

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