Table of Contents - ISSUE 3

Letter to the Editor

Extended-spectrum β-lactamase Klebsiella pneumoniae meningitis treated with tigecycline

Jamal Ahmad Wadia and  Fadi Selawib

Letter to the Editor

Restless leg syndrome in a patient with celiac disease: a coincidence or an association?

Fady G. Haddad, Georges D. Maalouly, Joe I. Fahed, Mouin H. Jammal, and  Rita J. El Nemnoum

Letter to the Editor

Symptomatic splenoma in a child

Parveen Shah,a Irfan Robbani,b Athar B. Khan,c and  Omar J. Shahc

Letter to the Editor

Hepatocellular carcinoma in the absence of liver cirrhosis in a treated hepatitis C virus patient

Omar M. Al Nozha,a Hamad Al Ashgar,a Mohammed Khan,a and  Hadeel Al Manab

What's Your Diagnosis?

A 74-year-old woman with a 1-month history of itching and skin rash

Sujoy Ghosh, Arjun K. Ghosh, and  Andrew Collier

Case Report

Defecation of a “colon cast” as a rare presentation of acute graft-versus-host disease

Hamad Al Ashgar,a Musthafa Peedikayil,a Naeem Chaudhri,b and  Abdulmonem Al-Ghamdic

Case Report

Neonatal familial Evans syndrome associated with joint hypermobility and mitral valve regurgitation in three siblings in a Saudi Arab family

Fathelrahman E. Ahmed and  Mohameed S. AlBakrah

Case Report

Gastrointestinal angiodysplasia in three Saudi children

Ali Al-Mehaidib,a Saleh Alnassar,b and  Ali S. Alshamranic

Case Report

Autologous bone marrow transplanation for extramedullary plasmacytoma presenting as adrenal incidentaloma

Mohammed Ahmed,a Abduallah Al-Ghamdi,a Mohammed Al-Omari,b Mahmoud Aljurf,c and  Yusuf Al-Kadhid

Brief Report

Osteoporosis prophylaxis in patients receiving chronic glucocorticoid therapy

Mir Sadat-Ali,a Abdulmohsen H. AlElq,b Badar A. Alshafei,c Haifa A. Al-Turki,d and  Mohammed A. AbuJubarac

Brief Report

Prevalence of allergic fungal sinusitis among patients with nasal polyps

Laila M. Telmesani

Brief Report

Black ant stings caused by Pachycondyla sennaarensis: a significant health hazard

Marzouqah AlAnazi, Mohammad AlAshahrani, and  Majid AlSalamah

Mini Review

Electrical cardioversion

Murat Sucu, Vedat Davutoglu, and  Orhan Ozer

Original Article

Anthropometric predictors of incident type 2 diabetes mellitus in Iranian women

Farzad Hadaegh, Gita Shafiee, and  Fereidoun Azizi

Original Article

Extra-articular manifestations of rheumatoid arthritis: a hospital-based study

Aisha Al-Ghamdia and  Suzan M. Attarb

Original Article

Oral sucrose and a pacifier for pain relief during simple procedures in preterm infants: a randomized controlled trial

Fathia A. Elserafy,a Saad A. Alsaedi,b Julita Louwrens,c Bakr Bin Sadiq,d and  Ali Y. Mersale

Original Article

Cesarean delivery rates in Saudi Arabia: A ten-year review

Hassan S. Ba'aqeel

Original Article

Blood pressure standards for Saudi children and adolescents

Abdullah A. Al Salloum,a Mohammad I. El Mouzan,a Abdullah S. Al Herbish,a Ahmad A. Al Omar,b and  Mansour M. Qurashic

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