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Multiple enchondromatosis (Ollier disease)

Suhil A. Choha and  Naseer A. Chohb

Letter to the Editor

Polycythemia and chorea

Feroze Ahmad,a Ravouf Asimi,b and  Sakeena Rasoolc

Letter to the Editor

Arabo-Farsi anatomy figures

Farid Sami Haddad, MD

What's Your Diagnosis?

An 18-year-old female with recurrent esophageal variceal bleeding

Omar J. Shah,a Parveen Shah,b Irfan Robbani,c Farooq Mir,c and  Parvez Nazirc

Case Report

A case of Lemierre syndrome

Ameen Alherabi

Case Report

Extranodal Rosai-Dorfman disease of the kidney

Alireza Abdollahi,a Farid A. Ardalan,a and  Mohsen Ayatib

Case Report

Invasive aspergillosis of pulmonary hydatid cyst

Buzdar M. S. Nabi,a Kamran K. Chima,a Nauman Tarif,a Iltafat Sultan,b and  Syed Taifur-ul-Islam Gilanic

Case Report

Scimitar syndrome: report of a case and its surgical management

Ahmad Rajaii-Khorasani,a Mahdi Kahrom,a Hassan Mottaghi,b and  Hadi Kahromb

Brief Report

The value of renal ultrasound in children with a first episode of urinary tract infection

Layla Alshamsan, Amal Al Harbi, Khalid Fakeeh, and  Esam Al Banyanx

Brief Report

Risk factors for intrafamilial spread of hepatitis B in northeastern Bosnia and Herzegovina

Nermin N. Salkic,a Enver Zerem,a Muharem Zildzic,a Sead Ahmetagic,b Elmir Cickusic,c and  Farid Ljucad

Original Article

Health-related quality of life in first-ever stroke patients

Eda Gurcay, Ajda Bal, and  Aytul Cakci

Original Article

Barriers to a healthy lifestyle among patients attending primary care clinics at a university hospital in Riyadh

Aljoharah M. AlQuaiz and  Salwa A. Tayel

Original Article

Generic drug prescribing in central Saudi Arabia: Perceptions and attitudes of physicians

Abdullah A. Alghasham

Original Article

Trends in infant nutrition in Saudi Arabia: compliance with WHO recommendations

Mohammed I. El Mouzan,a Ahmad A. Al Omar,b Abdulla A. Al Salloum,a Abdulla S. Al Herbish,a and  Mansour M. Qurachic

Original Article

Knowledge of diabetes risk factors and preventive measures among attendees of a primary care center in eastern Saudi Arabia

Abdullah S. Aljoudia and Attia Z. A. Tahab

Original Article

Predictors of sustained virological response to a 48-week course of pegylated interferon alfa-2a and ribavirin in patients infected with hepatitis C virus genotype 4

Hamad Al Ashgar,a Ahmed Helmy,a,c Mohamed Q. Khan,a Khalid Al Kahtani,a Mohammed Al Quaiz,a Mohammed Rezeig,a Ingvar Kagevi,a Abdullah Alshehri,a Abdullah Al Kalbani,a Khalid Al Swat,a Salim Dahab,a Naser Elkum,b and Mohammed Al Faddaa


Predictors of sustained virologic response in hepatitis C genotype 4: beyond the usual suspects

Ayman A. Abdo,a Faisal M. Sanaib

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