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WHO media training workshop on “health as a human right”

Reina Tejano


Avian Influenza

Reina Tejano

What's your Diagnosis

Diagnosis: Pulmonary arteriovenous malformation (PAVM)

Editor: Husn Frayha

Authors: Mohammed Khalid,Neelam Malik,b Suzanne Abbas,b


Update in Hypertension: The Seventh Joint National Committee Report and Beyond

Mahmou A. Moawad,a Walid Hassanb

Original Article

The pattern of dysphagia in children

Mohammad Issa El Mouzan,a Asaad Mohammad Abdullah,a Ibrahim Abdulkarim Al-Moflehb

Original Article

Incidence of musculoskeletal pain in adult Kuwaitis using the validated Arabic version of the WHO-ILAR COPCIRD Core Questionnaire

Adel M. Al-Awadhi,a Samuel O. Olusi,b Khaled Al-Saeid,c Mohamed Moussa,d Dia Shehab,a Naji Al-Zaid,e Adeeba Al-Herz,f Khalid Al-Jarallaha

Original Article

Acetylator phenotype in Iraqi patients with allergic contact dermititis

Rafid A. Najim,a Makram M. Al-Waiz,b Rafi AM Al-Razzuqia

Original Article

Insulinoma in Iran: a 20-year review

Bagher Larijani,a Shahriar Aghakhani,b Shams Sadat Moosavi Lor,b Farzaneh Zahedi,b Mohammad Pajouhi,a Mohammad Hasan Bastanhagha

Original Article

Acute effects of lobectomy on right ventricular ejection fraction and mixed venous oxygen saturation

Nabil A. Mageed,a Yasser A. Farag El-Ghonaimy,b Mohamed-Adel F. Elgamal,b Usama Hamzab 

Original Article

Predictive value of thyroid hormones on the first day in adult respiratory distress syndrome patients admitted to ICU: comparison with SOFA and APACHE II scores

Mevlüt Türe,a Dilek Memis,b Imran Kurt,a Zafer Pamukçub

Original Article

Transcranial Doppler ultrasound assessment of intracranial hemodynamics in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus

Izet Hozo,a Marinko Dikanovic,b Slaven Kokic,a Marina Titlic,a Marica Jandric,b Ivan Balen,b Dragutin Kadojicc

Brief Report

Serum prolactin and migraine

S. Ali Masoud,a E. Fakharianb

Brief Report

Management of blunt hepatic and splenic trauma in children

Stanley Crankson

Case Report

Two unusual hematologic presentations of tuberculosis

Oguz Uzun,a Mehmet Turgut,b Levent Erkana

Case Report

Diffuse panbronchiolitis, a potentially misdiagnosed sinopulmonary syndrome

Atilla G. Atici, Serhat Findik, Bilal Sengul, Levent Yildiz, Oguz Uzun, Levent Erkan

Case Report

Abdominal aneurysms in Behçet’s Disease

Abdul Nasser Abaza, Abdul Hameed Bayomi Okda, Saad Al Garni, Alain Konrat

Case Report

Respiratory arrest after low-dose fentanyl

Hakan Topacoglu,a Ozgur Karcioglu,a Arif Hikmet Cimrin,a Jeffrey Arnoldb

What's your diagnosis

A 33-year-old male with a chest lesion on a routine chest radiograph

Editor: Husn Frayha

Authors: Mohammed Khalid,a Neelam Malik,b Suzzane Abbasb


RE: Pulmonary edema complicating ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome: low-pressure edema, high-pressure edema, or mixed edema?

Walid Hassan


Reply to RE: Pulmonary edema complicating ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome: low-pressure edema, high-pressure edema, or mixed edema?

Ahmed BaHammam


Comparison of smear cytology and cell blocks in detection of respiratory cancer

Enssieh Shafigh, Sepideh Siadaty


RE: Non-traumatic cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea: diagnosis and management

Alberto Dorta-Contreras

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