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Letter to the Editor

In Utero Torsion of the Testis

A.H. Al-Salem, FRCSI; N. F. Mitry, FRCSE

Letter to the Editor

Ewing's Sarcoma Presenting as Calcified Metastases

Osama M. Koreich, DMRT, FRCR; Rasheed Zaytonia, MB, BCh; K. Sidki, MB, BCh

Letter to the Editor


Jahed A. Hamdan, MD; Khader Manasra, MD


Letter to the Editor

Acute Rheumatic Fever

S.G. Ballal, MD, PhD

Letter to the Editor

Subdural Hematoma Formation During Autologous Bone Marrow Transplantation Using Busulfan and Cyclophosphamide as Conditioning Agents

Hugh M. Clink, FRCPath; M. Andrew Padmos, MD, FRCPC; David G. Spence, MRCP, MRCPath; Peter Ernst, MD, PhD


Case Report

Bilateral Adrenal Hemorrhagic Giant Pseudocyst in a Neonate

Muneera A. Al-Husain, MB, BS; Pravinchandra J. Patel, FRCR, DMRD, MD

Case Report

Bronchopleural Fistula Associated with a Fungus Ball: Report of a Case

Mohammad Abdul Naim, MS, MCh; Maher K. Moawad, PhD; Jumaa Aboul-Nasr Khalil, MS; Mahmooda Ahmad, MD

Case Report

Extracorporeal Shock-Wave Lithotripsy of a Large Common Bile Duct Stone: Report of a Case

Mohamed Al-Karawi, Facharzt; Mohamed Abomelha, Facharzt; Mofleh Jawdat, Facharzt; Ketab El-Etaibi, Facharzt; Abdulrahman E. Mohamed, MRCP

Case Report

Osteoma of the Hyoid Bone: Report of a Case

Syed Akhtar Kamal, MB, BS (Pb), FRCS (England), FRCS (Ireland)

Original Article

Saudi Medical Students' Attitudes to Psychiatry

F. M. Abdul-Rahim, MRCPsych; Ahmed El-Assra, MB, ChB, MRCPsych

Special Communication

Nursing Education in Saudi Arabia

Alice Phillips, RN, EdD

Original Article

Theophylline Therapy for Apnea of Prematurity in Saudi Preterm Infants: Therapeutic Serum Level and Dosage

Khalid N. Haque, FRCP(Ed), FRCPI, DCH, DTM&H; Mohammad Al-Kharashi, MB, BS, DCH; Chris Waters, DPharm

Original Article

Precipitating Pathology in Childhood Intussusception: A Report of 19 Cases From Kuwait and Review of the Literature

Mohammed A. Issa, FRCS; Abdul H. Easa, MD; Elsayed H. Mahfouz, FRCS

Original Article

The Value of C-Reactive Protein in Children with Meningitis

Helmy A. Qurtom, MRCP; Qusay A. Al-Salah, MRCP; Mahmoud M. Lubani, MD; Kamel I. Doudin, MD; Dinesh C. Sharda, FRCP; Areckal I. John, MD

Original Article

Bacteremia in Basrah University Teaching Hospital: Incidence, Microbiologic Features, and Therapeutic Pattern

Hassan J. Hasony, MPhil, PhD; Abdul-Ghani M. Al-Samaraie, MB, ChB, PhD

Original Article

Adult Acute Nonlymphocytic Leukemia in Saudi Arabia: Experience at King Khalid University Hospital in Riyadh

Nagi S. El Saghir, MD; Dahish S. Ajarim, MD, FRCP(C); Anthony D. Hall, BPharm; Kamal E. Higgy, MB, BCh, DMS, PhD(Cantab); Shihab S. Al-Mashhadani, MB, ChB, FRCPA; Khalid S. Al Khairy, MB, BS, MRCPath; Abdul-Kareem Al-Momen, MD, FRCP(C); Essam Fawzy, MB, BCh; Cheruppolil R. Santhosh-Kumar, MRCP

Original Article

Serum Polyclonal Immunoglobulin E Levels among an Apparently Healthy Iraqi Population: A Preliminary Report

Jawad K. A. Al-Diwan, MB, ChB, MSc; Tariq S. A. Al-Hadithi, MB, ChB, MSc, DTM&H, PhD; Sanad M. A. Al-Balaghi, MB, ChB, MSc, DrMedSci; Waim Al-Khadriy, BSc, MSc

Case Report

A Surgical Case of Persistent Truncus Arteriosus Type I with Digeorge Syndrome

Kazumi Taguchi, MD; Zohair Al-Halees, MD; Maurice Brais, MD; Mohinder Thapar, MD

Case Report

Human Cryptosporidiosis: Report of Three Cases

S. M. Hussain Qadri, PhD, Diplomate ABMM, SM(AAM), FAAM; Mark Burdette, MT(ASCP)

Original Article

Stillbirths and Antenatal Care at a Rural District Hospital

Peter A. Thomassen, MD, PhD; Liselotte Langemark; Ravi Kumar, MD

Original Article

Intestinal Parasites in Urban and Rural Communities of Abha, Saudi Arabia

Abdulkarim A. Al-Madani,MSPH, DSc; Mohamed S. Omar, DTMP, DSc; Hassan A. Abu-Zeid, MPH, DrPH; Salah A. Abdulla, DMLT

Original Article

A Comparative Study for Screening and Confirmation of Antibodies to Human Immunodeficiency Virus

Sami Ramia, PhD; Mansour M. Al-Nozha, MB, BS, FRCP, FRCPI, J. Douglas Wilson, PhD, FRACP; Talal M. F. Bakir, PhD

Original Article

Perinatal Outcome: Is Young Maternal Age a Risk Factor?

Hassan S. Ba'aqeel, MB, BS, MRCOG, FRCS(C), FACOG, FSOGC

Original Article

Antenatal Risk Scoring Form: Statistical Analysis of 1175 Cases

Hassan S. Ba'aqeel, MB, BS, MRCOG, FRCS(C), FACOG, FSOGC, Fahad Al-Abdul Jabbar, MD, FRCOG, Abdul Aziz A. Al-Meshari, DTM&H, FRCOG, Abdulla A. Akiel, Facharzt; Edward A. Kidess, MD

Original Article

Maternal Risk Factors and Outcome of Pregnancy in a Teaching Hospital in Riyadh

Hassan S. Ba'aqeel, MB, BS, MRCOG, FRCS(C), FACOG, FSOGC, Abdul Aziz A. Al-Meshari, DTM&H, FRCOG; Fahad Al-Abdul Jabbar, MD, FRCOG, Abdulla A. Akiel, Facharzt; Edward A. Kidess, MD


The Outcome of Pregnancy

Peter B. Herdson, MB, ChB, BMedSc, PhD, FRCPA, FRACR

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