Table of Contents - ISSUE 4

Letter to the Editor

The Organization of Postgraduate Medical Training in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Salah Edin R. Abou-El-Fadl, MB, BCh, MRCPsych

Letter to the Editor

Road Traffic Accidents in Saudi Arabia

Syed A. Hussain, FRCS, Abdul A. A. Choudhary, FRCS, Abdul Basit A. Latif, FRCS


Letter to the Editor

First Report of Campylobacter fetus ssp fetus Associated with Abortion in Saudi Arabia

Abdul Jabbar Ali Ahmed, MD, PhD, Fida Shaheen, BC

Case Report

Report of a Case of Chest Sarcoma with Severe Hypoglycemia and Hypokalemic Alkalosis

Klaus Johansen, MD*; Nicholas Woodhouse, FRCP†

Case Report

A Case Report of Rupture of Pregnant Rudimentary Uterine Horn

Talha Al-Shawaf, FRCS(E), MRCOG*

Case Report

Placental Site Trophoblastic Tumor: Report of a Case with Review of Literature

Mohamed Abdul-Hafeez, MD*; Mohammed Akhtar, MD†; Hasan S. Ba aqeel, MBBS, MRCOG, FRCS(C)‡; Edward A. Kidess, MD§

Case Report

Intrabiliary and Intraperitoneal Rupture of Hydatid Cyst: Report of Two Cases and Review of the Literature

Nail N. Al-Khudairy, FRCS(Glasg), FRCSI, FICS*

Case Report

Chemical Myotomy for Achalasia of the Esophagus: A Case Report

Mahmoud Ashour, FRCS*

Case Report

Hypothalamic Hemorrhage, Panhypopituitarism and Diabetes Insipidus in a Patient with Hemophilia B: A Case Report

Klaus Johansen, MD*; Nicholas Woodhouse, FRCP†; Andrew Padmos, MD‡

Special Communication

Demand for Dental Care in Saudi Arabia

Abdullah R. Al-Shammery, BDS, MS*

Special Communication

Heat Stroke and Heat Exhaustion in Pilgrims Performing the Haj (Annual Pilgrimage) In Saudi Arabia

Hassan I. Ghaznawi, BSc, MB, BS, MPH, DrPH*; Mohammad A. Ibrahim, BSc, MD, MPH&TM, DrPH†

Original Article

Epidemiology of Cancer in Saudi Arabia, 1975-1985*

Ezzat Mahboubi, MD, MPH †

Original Article

Acute Viral Hepatitis in Hummayat Infectious Diseases Hospital, Baghdad

Suha W. Rassam, MRCP*; Bunny N. Al-Khoury, MD†; Khalid I. Al-Khoury, DPH, MSc‡

Original Article

A One-Stage Operation for Soft-Tissue Missile Wounds

Hazim N. Barnouti, FRCS(E), FRCS(Glasg), FRCS(I), FICS, FACS*

Original Article

Single-Stage Reconstruction of Hypopharyngoesophageal Stenosis*

Mohammod Younus, MB, FRCS, FICS†

Original Article

Lower Gastrointestinal Tract Pathology in Saudis: Results of Endoscopic Biopsy Findings in 1,600 Patients

AbdelRahman El-Sheikh Mohamed, Dip Ven, MRCP, DTM&H*; Mohamed A. AL-Karawi, Facharzt; Mohamed Anwar Hanid, MD, MRCP‡; Ismail Yasawy, MD§

Original Article

Potential for Drug Misuse in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia

Hussein Al-Freihi, MD, MPH&TM*; Seifeddin G. Ballal, MD, PhD†; Anthony Jaccarini, MD, PhD‡; Man Son Yong, PhD§; Ziadeen Abdul-Cader, PhD||; Mohammed El-Mouzan, MD

Original Article

Effect of Pregnancy on the Level of Hormones and Biochemical Analytes

Mohsen A. F. El-Hazmi, PhD, MRCPath*; Fahad Al-Abdul Jabbar, MD, FRCOG†

Original Article

Cancer at Dhahran Health Center, Saudi Arabia

Sami J. Rabadi, MB, BCh*

Original Article

Survey of Alimentary Malignancies at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre*

Agop Y. Bedikian, MD, FACP†


The Need for a National Cancer Registry in Saudi Arabia

Magid H. Amer, MD, FRCS(E), FRCP, FACP

Original Article

Colorectal Carcinoma during the First Four Decades of Life

Agop Y. Bedikian, MD, FACP*; Khalid Bakhsh, MD†; Richard De Niord, MD‡; Salah El-Akkad, MD§

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