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Campylobacter jejuni Enteritis and its Laboratory Diagnosis

Raghu Gaind, FRCPsych, DMP(Lond)


Campylobacter Jejuni Enteritis and its Laboratory Diagnosis

M. N. H. Chowdhury, MBBS, Dip Bact, MSc, PhD


Dr. Ohlsson's Response

Arne Ohlsson, MD, FRCP(C)


Perinatal Care in Saudi Arabia

S. C. Arya, MBBS, PhD* S. J. Ashraf, MD, MRCP* C. M. Parande, MBBS, MD†

Case Report

Intraglomerular Metastatic Crescents

Tibor Toth, MD*

Original Article

Atrial Fibrillation: An Analysis of 65 Patients from King Khalid University Hospital

Mansour Al-Nozha FRCP (London), MRCPI, *Inayat S. Husain, FACC, FCCP, MRCP, MRCP (GLASG)†, S. S. Al-Harthi, Facharzt††, A. R. Qaraqish, MB, ChB, PhD§

Original Article

Thyroid Carcinoma in Riyadh

Husseini Wali, FRCS*, Adnan Mofti, FRCS†, Siraj Malaika, MD‡, D. M. Sabah , MD§

Original Article

Prevalence of HBV Markers in Adult Saudis in Relation to Age and Sex

Fayez N. Takieddine, MD*, Haysam T. Tufenkeji, MD†, Kirtikant V. Sheth, MD‡, Mustafa H. Ghandour, MD§

Original Article

Hepatitis B Markers in Saudi Arabia: A Comparative Study in Different Regions

M. A. F. El-Hazmi, BSc, PhD (Cantab)*

Original Article

Infective Endocarditis in King Faisal Specialist Hospital: A Review of 35 Consecutive Adult Patients

Murtada A. Halim , MRCP*,M. Oussama Jeroudi, MD†,E N Mercer , MD, FRCP(C), FACC‡,M. Eid Fawzy , MRCP, FACC§,Galal Ziady, MD, FCCP, FACC||

Original Article

Relief of Coarctation of the Aorta without Thoracotomy: The Experience with Percutaneous Balloon Angioplasty

P. Syamasundar Rao , MD, FAAP, FACC*, Mohammed K. Mardini, MD, FAAP, FACC†, Haitham Najjar, MD‡

Original Article

Echinococcosis in Northern Syria: Clinical and Epidemiological Features

S. Hadidy, MBBCh, DMSc, MD*, M. Barakat, MD, FRCS†, F. Nahhas, MD, FRCS‡, J. Turky, MD, CES§, M. Neinai, MD, CES

Original Article

Aspiration Biopsy of Thyroid Nodules: A Review of Experience at King Faisal Specialist Hospital

Muhammad Ashraf Ali, MD, FRCP(C), FCAP*, Mohammed Akhtar, MD, FCAP†, Nicholas Woodhouse, FRCP‡


Our Fifth Anniversary

Peter B. Herdson, MD PhD, FRCPA, FRACR

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