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Squash Technique for Rapid Indentification of Schistosoma Ova

Fredrick H. Shipkey, MD

Special Communication

Traffic Accidents in Saudi Arabia: An Epidemic

Nayef Al-Rodhan, MBBS* and Robert M. Lifeso, MD, FRCS(C)

Case Report

Late Postoperative Partial Recurrent Retrograde Ileoileal Intussusception

Hazim Naif Barnouti, MBCHB, FRCSE, FRCSG, FRCSI, FICS*

Case Report

Renointestinal Fistulas

Talal Alphin, MD*, Nabil K. Bissada, MD, FACS†, Rafik Morcos, MD, FRCS†† and Kamal A. Hanash MD, FACS§

Case Report

Compound Palmar Ganglion: A Case Report and Literature Review

Husseini Wali, FRCS*, Saleh Al-Khuwaitir, Facharzt† and Mohamed A. Hafeez, MD§

Case Report

Human ORF (Ecthyma Contagiosum) A Report of Two Cases from Saudi Arabia

Anne-Marie Roy-Boulos, MD, FRCP(C)†, Mohammed Akhtar, MD, FACP* and Bernard Bendl, MD, FRCP(C)*

Case Report

Uterus Didelphys Diagnosed in Labor and Postpartum Confirmation by Ultrasound

Talha Al-Shawaf, FRCS(ED), MRCOG*, Salah Al-Moghrabi, MRCOG* and Abdullah Akiel, Facharzt*

Case Report

Spontaneous Rupture of Renal Angiomyolipoma

Francis Abraham, MS, FRCS(ED), FRCS(I), FACS* and Faris M. Ayyat, MD

Original Article

Infections in Sickle Cell Disease

M.a.f. El-Hazmi, BSc, PhD(Cantab)*

Original Article

Alimentary Tract Presentations of Brucellosis

Abdulrahman El Shiekh Mohamed, MBBS, Dip Ven, MRCP, DTMH* Mohamed Monir Madkour, DM, MRCP†, Mohamed Abdel Samad Talukder, MBBS, PHD, MSC, Dip Bact, DTML§ Mohamed Ali Al Karawi, FA (Germany)**

Original Article

Aortic Atresia with Normal Left Ventricle: Diagnosis in Life

M.K. Mardini, MD*, F.J. Macartney, † and M.R. Deleval

Original Article

Wireless Shortwave: A New Coagulation Procedure

Saleh A. Al–Khuwaitir, Facharzt*, Mohsen A.F. El–Hazmi, BSc(Hon), PhD(Cantab)†, Ibrahim Al–Mofleh, Facharzt†† and Ali Al–Tuwaijri, PhD§

Original Article

Determining Prognosis in Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia by Phytohemagglutinin (PHA) Stimulated Lymphocytes

Timur Sumer, MD* and Lucius F. Sinks, MD†

Original Article

Hepatitis B Virus Markers in Male Saudi Blood Donors

Kirtikant V. Sheth, MD, FCAP* and John T. Godwin, MD, FCAP


Cancer Therapy – Past, Present and Future

Magid H. Amer, MD

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