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Original Article

Diagnosis of Chronic Active Hepatitis: A Review of 100 Cases

Michael E. Kingston, MD(London), FRCP, DTM&H,* M. Ashraf Ali, FCAP, FRCP(C)†, Maurice Atiyeh, MD‡ and R. J. Donnelly, MRCP§

Critical Care Medicine

Management of Acute Renal Failure

Wajeh Qunibi, MD, FACP*

Interesting Cases

Congenital Dysplastic Mitral Valve

Charles R. Robinson, MD, FRCP(C),* Mohammed K. Mardini, MD, FACC, FCCP and Gene A. Guinn, MD, FACS‡

Interesting Cases

Diffuse Cutaneous Induration Following a Febrile Illness

Walter Norton, MD, FACF*, Dan Mackey, MD†, and Bernard Bendl, FRCP(C)†


Clinicpathologic Conference*

Participants: Mary Ellen Avery, MD,† Arne Ohlsson, MD,§ William Cumming, MD,‡ Charles Robinson, MD|| and Fayez Takieddine, MD

Edited by: John T. Godwin, MD** 

Original Article

Diffuse Xanthogranulomatous Pyelonephritis in Iraqi Children

Asal Y. Izzidien, FRCS (Ed)*

Current Concept

Radiology Rounds

William A. Cumming, MD*

Current Concept

Pulmonary Barotrauma Associated with Intermittent Positive Pressure Ventilation

Lakshman U. Silva, FRCP(C), FFARCS(E),* Graham J. Wood, FFARCS(E)* and A. F. David Cole, MD, FRCP(C)*

Original Article

Yolk SAC (Endodermal Sinus) Tumor in Children: A Report of Six Cases

Souheil Shebib, MD,* Rajih S. Sabbah, MD,† Mohammad Akhtar, MD,‡ and Rhomes J. A. Aur, MD§

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