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Original Article

Translation, validation, and cultural adaptation of the Rhinosinusitis Disability Index and the Chronic Sinusitis Survey into Arabic

Turki Aldrees,a Zaid Almubarak,b Basil Hassouneh,c Ahamed Albosaily,d Mohammad Aloulah,e Mai Almasoud,e Saad Alsalehe

Original Article

Clinical outcomes with transcatheter aortic valve implantation at a single cardiac center in Saudi Arabia

Faisal Owdah Alatawi,ab Reda A. Abuelatta,b Ahmed B. AlAhmedi,b Ibraheem H. Alharbi,b Saleh S. Alghamdi,b Amal A. Sakrana,a Osama A. Alamodi,b Hesham A. Naeimb

Original Article

Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation improved survival in patients with massive pulmonary embolism

Donggyu Moon,a Su Nam Lee,a Ki-Dong Yoo,a Min Seop Job

Original Article

Portal venous pressure and proper graft function in living donor liver transplants in 69 patients from an Egyptian center

Amany Sholkamy,a Ahmed Salman,a Nouman El-garem,a Karim Hosny,b Omar Abdelazizc

Original Article

Comparison of two different renal access techniques in one-stage percutaneous nephrolithotomy: triangulation versus “eye of the needle”

Salih Budak,a Cem Yucel,b Erdem Kisa,b Zafer Kozacioglub

Original Article

Time-to-detection of bacteria and yeast with the BACTEC FX versus BacT/Alert Virtuo blood culture systems

Ali Mohammed Somily,a Hanan Ahmed Habib Babay,a Armen Albert Torchyan,b Samina B. Sayyed,a Muhammed Absar,a Rima Al-Aqeel,a Khalifa Binkhamisa

Original Article

A novel high-resolution melting analysis approach for rapid detection of vancomycin-resistant enterococci

Hani Adnan Ozbak

Original Article

Human myiasis in patients with diabetic foot: 18 cases

Serhat Uysal,a Anil Murat Ozturk,b Meltem Tasbakan,c Ilgin Yildirim Simsir,d Aysegul Unver,e Nevin Turgay,e Husnu Pullukcuc

Original Article

Stress and coping among consultant physicians working in Saudi Arabia

Fahad Dakheel Alosaimi,a Hossam Saleh Alawad,a Ayedh Khalaf Alamri,a Abdullah Ibrahim Saeed,a Khalid Ayidh Aljuaydi,a Alwaleed Sami Alotaibi,a Khalid Munawir Alotaibi,a Eiad Abdelmohsen Alfarisb

Brief Report

Prevalence of fall injuries and risk factors for fall among hospitalized children in a specialized children’s hospital in Saudi Arabia

Banan Abdullah AlSowailmi,a Maha Heshaam AlAkeely,a Hayat Ibrahim AlJutaily,b Mohammad Abdulaziz Alhasoon,b Amir Omair,c Hamad Abdullah AlKhalafb

Case Report

Sclerosing encapsulated peritonitis: typical imaging findings for easy diagnosis

Emrah Duman, Ahmet Aslan, Nesrin Gunduz, Ibrahim Inan


Withdrawal of two generic clopidogrel products in Saudi Arabia for non-bio-equivalence

Abdullah Saleh Alsultan,a Hakeam Abdulaziz Hakeamb

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