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Original Article

Synergistic effect of energy drinks and overweight/obesity on cardiac autonomic testing using the Valsalva maneuver in university students

Farrukh Majeed, Talay Yar, Ahmed Alsunni, Ali Fouad Alhawaj, Ahmed AlRahim, Muneer Alzaki

Original Article

The relationship between thyroid antibody titer and levothyroxine dose in patients with overt primary hypothyroidism

Nalan Okuroglu,a Ali Ozdemir,a Yasar Sertbas,a Seda Sancakb

Original Article

Is survival after radical cystectomy for bladder cancer in Saudi patients different from that of Western patients?

Alaa Mokhtar,a Mohamed Matar Al Alawi,b Waleed Mohamad Al Taweel,a Khalid Al Othman,a Said A. Kattan,a Mohammed Faihan Al Otaibia

Original Article

Incidence and outcome of acute kidney injury by the pRIFLE criteria for children receiving extracorporeal membrane oxygenation after heart surgery

Raja Abou Elella,a Eiad Habib,b Pavla Mokrusova,a Princy Joseph,a Hani Aldalaty,a Mamdouh Al Ahmadi,a Zohair Al Haleesa

Original Article

Common nasal deformities among rhinoplasty patients in a university hospital in Saudi Arabia

Sami Alharethy,a Turki Aldrees,b Reem Aljrid,c Abdullah Alanazi,d Saleh K. Algaryan,c Yong Ju Jange

Original Article

Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma in Saudi Arabia: retrospective single-center review

Yousef Binamer

Original Article

Current umbilical cord clamping practices and attitudes of obstetricians and midwives toward delayed cord clamping in Saudi Arabia

Nadia O. Ibrahim,a Hatouf H. Sukkarieh,a Rami T. Bustami,b Elaf A. Alshammari,a Lama Y. Alasmari,a Hanan M. Al-Kadria

Original Article

Student perception of the educational environment in regular and bridging nursing programs in Saudi Arabia using the Dundee Ready Educational Environment Measure

Omar Mansour Al Nozha,a Hani T. Fadelb

Original Article

Etiology of optic atrophy: a prospective observational study from Saudi Arabia

Joyce N. Mbekeani,a Maaly Abdel Fattah,b David M. Poulsen,c Selwa Al Hazzaa,b M. Anas Dababo,d Abdelmoneim Eldali,e Manzoor Ahmedf

Original Article

Xeroderma pigmentosum at a tertiary care center in Saudi Arabia

Lenah Alwatban, Yousef Binamer

Case Report

Self-inflicted eye injury

Mohammed A. Gogandy,a Abdulqader Aljarad,b Sabah S. Jastaneiah,c Abdullah M. Alfawaza


Soft tissue calcium deposits

Yoen Young Chuah,a Yeong Yeh Leeb

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