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Original Article

National Guidelines for Colorectal Cancer Screening in Saudi Arabia with strength of recommendations and quality of evidence

Nasser Alsanea,a* Majid A. Almadi,b* Alaa S. Abduljabbar,c Samar Alhomoud,c Taghreed A. Alshaban,d Abdullah Alsuhaibani,e Ahmad Alzahrani,e Faisal Batwa,f Abdul-Hameed Hassan,g Denise Hibbert,h Randa Nooh,i Mohammed Alothman,j Bram Rochwerg,k Waleed Alhazzani,k Rebecca L. Morganl 

Original Article

Colorectal cancer in Saudi Arabia: incidence, survival, demographics and implications for national policies

Nasser Alsanea,a Alaa S. Abduljabbar,a Samar Alhomoud,a Luai H. Ashari,a Denise Hibbert,b Shouki Bazarbashic

Original Article

Descriptive epidemiology and characteristics of confirmed cases of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus infection in the Makkah Region of Saudi Arabia, March to June 2014

AbdulSalam A. Noorwali, AbdulHafiz M. Turkistani, Sari I. Asiri, Fadel A. Trabulsi, Osama M. Alwafi, Saud H. Alzahrani, Muhammad M. Rashid, Safwat A. Hegazy, Mohammed D. Alzaydi, Khalid O. Bawakid

Original Article

Physician job satisfaction in Saudi Arabia: insights from a tertiary hospital survey

Turki Aldrees,a Sami Al-Eissa,b Motasim Badri,c Ahmed Aljuhayman,d Mohammed Zamakhsharye

Original Article

N-acetyltransferase 1 and 2 polymorphisms and risk of diabetes mellitus type 2 in a Saudi population

Waleed M. Al-Shaqha,a Khalid M. Alkharfy,b Nasser M. Al-Daghri,c Abdul Khader Mohammedc

Original Article

Gestational diabetes among Saudi women: prevalence, risk factors and pregnancy outcomes

Eman Mohammed Alfadhli,a Eman Naguib Osman,b Taghreed Hamza Basri,c Nazneen Sameer Mansuri,d Magda Hassanein Youssef,e Somayah Ahmed Assaaedi,f Bushra Awad Aljohanic

Original Article

Pilot trial of a novel two-step therapy protocol using nebulized tranexamic acid and recombinant factor VIIa in children with intractable diffuse alveolar hemorrhage

Hind Bafaqih,a May Chehab,a Suliman Almohaimeed,a Farah Thabet,a Abdulrahman Alhejaily,b Mohammed AlShahrani,a Mohammed A. Zolaly,c Abeer A. Abdelmoneim,c,d Ehab S. Abd El-Moneimc,d

Original Article

Prevalence of fecal carriage of extended-spectrum- and metallo-b-lactamase-producing gram-negative bacteria among neonates born in a hospital setting in central Saudi Arabia

Talat Elkersh,a Mohammed A. Marie,a Yazeed A. Al-Sheikh,a Ahmad AlBloushy,a Mohammad H. Al-Agamyb

Original Article

Low baseline proBNP associated with increased risk of intraoperative hypotension during spinal anaesthesia for cesarean delivery

Tayfun Birtay,a Gultekin Genctoy,b Tonguç Sabac

Case Report

Acute hemorrhagic edema of infancy after MMR vaccine

Yousef Binamer

Case Report

A rare cause of exercise induced ventricular tachycardia

Aakash Aggarwal,a Sumant Arora,b Pahul Singh,a Amitpal Nata

Case Report

Pyogenic Baker cyst in a patient with psoriatic arthritis during etanercept therapy

Keng-Yi Wu,a Deng-Ho Yang,a,b Chun-Wen Chenc 

Case Report

Guillian-Barre syndrome as the initial presentation of systemic lupus erythematosus–case report and review of literature

Quaid Nadri, Mohammed Mahdi Althaf

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