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Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV): A Perpetual Challenge

Sami Al Hajjar,a,d Ziad A. Memish,b,d Kenneth McIntoshc 

Original Article

Insertion/deletion polymorphism of the ACE gene increased risk of Behcet disease: evidence from a meta-analysis

Raju Kumar Mandal,a Suraj Singh Yaday,b Aditya K. Panda,c Sanjay Khattrib


Original Article

Pathological responses and long-term outcome analysis after neoadjuvant chemotheraphy in breast cancer patients from Kuwait over a period of 15 years

Yamini Krishnan,a Shafika A. Alawadhi,b Sreedharan P.S.,a Murali Gopal,a Sanjay Thuruthela 

Original Article

Physician well-being: prevalence of burnout and associated risk factors in a tertiary hospital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Turki Mohammed Aldrees,a Sami Aleissa,b Mohammed Zamakhshary,c Motasim Badri,a Mir Sadat-Alid

Original Article

Do diabetic dialysis patients require more or less of erythropoietin?

Ahmad Mitwalli,a Abdulkareem Alsuwaida,b Jamal Al Wakeel,b Saira Usama,a Nouf Zainalddain,a Mohammed Al Ghonaim,a Durdana Hammada

Original Article

Q fever: a neglected zoonosis in Saudi Arabia

Adel Almogren, Zahid Shakoor, Rana Hasanato, Mustafa Hussein Adam

Original Article

Ingestion of honey improves the symptoms of allergic rhinitis: evidence from a randomized placebo-controlled trial in the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia

Zamzil Amin Asha’ari,a Mohd Zaki Ahmad,b Wan Shah Jihan Wan Din,c Che Maraina Che Hussin,d Ishlah Lemane 

Original Article

A comparison of nasogastric tube insertion techniques without using other instruments in anesthetized and intubated patients

Amina Mohamed Illias,a Yu-Ling Hui,a Chih-Chung Lin,a Chee-Jen Chang,b Huan-Ping Yua


Botulinum toxin type A: implications in wound healing, facial cutaneous scarring, and cleft lip repair

Mohammad M. Al-Qattan, Bisher Nawras Al-Shanawani, Feras Alshomer

Special Communication

Optimal management of young adult transplant recipients: the role of integrated multidisciplinary care and peer support

Paul Neil Harden, Sam Nicholas Sherston 

Case Report

Clear cell myoepithelioma of the hard palate

Arsheed Hussain Hakeem,a Biswajyoti Hazarika,b Imtiyaz Hussain Hakeemc

Case Report

Sarcomatoid renal cell carcinoma with rhabdoid features

Nagla Ahmed Al-Saidi, Mohammed Akhtar

Case Report

Gastrointestinal basidiobolomycosis: mimicking Crohn’s disease case report and review of the literature

Khalid AlSaleem,a Ali Al-Mehaidib,a Mohammed Banemai,a Ibrahim bin-Hussain,a Mousa Faqih,b Ahmed Al Mehmadic

Case Report

Intra-abdominal insertion of sewing needles: a rare method of child abuse

Hussain Alshamrani, Amal Bakhswain, Zakaria Habib, Hoda Kattan

What's Your Diagnosis?

A fatal condition in the thoracic aorta

Fatih Celikyay,a Ruken Yuksekkaya,a Abdulkerim Yilmaz,b Murat Beyhan,a Halil Sivqin,b Ferdaq Almusa

Letters to the Editor

Quality of life scores should be compared before and after patients have undergone dialysis

Hakan Sarlak,a Sait Demirkol,b Sevket Balta,b Mustafa Cakar,a Omer Kurt,a Muharram Akhana

Letters to the Editor

Reply: Oxytocin ameliorates cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity in Wistar rats

Hamid Nasri 

Letters to the Editor

Fertility outcome of using intrauterine balloon stenting during resectoscopic septum division

Mohamed Amin Ghobadifar 

Letters to the Editor

Prevalence of celiac disease in healthy Iranian school children

Mahmood Dhahir Al-Mendalawi

Letters to the Editor

The reliability of palatal rugoscopy in forensic identification

Thorakkal Shamim 


Rectal perforation due to a lost toothbrush

Arshad Rashid,a Suhail Khuroo,b Saima Nazirc




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