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Original Article

Antiretroviral resistance in HIV-infected Saudi children failing first-line highly active antiretroviral therapy

Sami Hussain Al Hajjar,a Husn Frayha,a Sahar Althawadib

Original Article

Quality of life in hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patients in Saudi Arabia

Jamal Al Wakeel,a Ali Al Harbi,b Magda Bayoumi,c Karaem Al-Suwaida,d Mohammed Al Ghonaim,d Adel Mishkirye 

Original Article

Viabahn for femoropopliteal in-stent restenosis

Owayed Al Shammeri,a Fahad Bitar,b Jaime Ghitelman,c Peter A. Soukasd

Original Article

Characteristics of Saudi patients with congestive heart failure and adherence to management guidelines in a tertiary hospital in Riyadh

Mohammad Alqahtani,a Thari Alanazi,a Salih Binsalih,a Naji Aljohani,b Mohammed Alshammari,c Ali Ashagag,d Mohammed Abdullah,e Sara Buabbas,a Manar Abdulbaqia 

Original Article

Ovarian volume assessment in relation to histologic findings and sex hormone levels in women with postmenopausal bleeding and thickened endometrium

Amr K. Elfayomy,ac Shereen A. El Tarhounybc

Original Article

Chyluria: a mimicker of nephrotic syndrome

Anupama Kaul,a Dharmendra Bhadhuria,a Sanjay Bhat,b RK Sharma,a Ritu Karoli,b Amit Gupta,a Narayan Prasada 

Original Article

Childhood onset of Crohn disease: experience from a university teaching hospital in Saudi Arabia

Omar I. Saadah 

Original Article

Metabolic syndrome components in obese Egyptian children

Moushira Erfan Zaki,a Sanaa Kamal Mohamed,b Karima Abd-Elfattah Bahgat,c Shams Mohamed Kholoussid 

Original Article

Chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis: a first report from Saudi Arabia

Maryam Al Hajry, Suliman Al Jumaah, Sulaiman M. Almayouf 

Original Article

Causes of death certification of adults: an exploratory cross-sectional study at a university hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Lubna A. Ansary,a Samia A. Esmaeil,b Yaser A. Adib 

Original Article

Wilson disease in 71 patients followed for over two decades in a tertiary center in Saudi Arabia: a retrospective review

Mohammed Al Fadda, Mohammed Al Quaiz, Hamad Al Ashgar, Khalid Al Kahtani, Ahmed Helmy, Ali Al Benmousa, Maheeba Abdulla, Musthafa Peedikayil

Original Article

Evaluation of internet use for health information by parents of asthmatic children attending pediatric clinics in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Muslim Mohammed AlSaadi

Systematic Review

An epidemiological analysis of the incidence of osteoporosis and osteoporosis-related fractures among the Saudi Arabian population

Mir Sadat-Ali,a Ibrahim M. Al-Habdan,a Haifa A Al-Turki,b Mohammed Quamar Azama 

Case Report

Recurrent trichilemmal carcinoma with a large cutaneous horn formation

Xiaoyan Wang,a Lei Wang,b Tianwen Gao,b Shi Lianc

Case Report

Intravenous immunoglobulin-associated renal failure in a patient with post-transfusion purpura

Sujith V. Cherian, Subhraleena Das, Amarinder S. Garcha, Divey Manocha, Nitish Kosaraju

Case Report

Ectopic nephrogenic rest in the inguinal canal in a 6-month-old girl and a review of published studies

Dimitris Antoniou, Ierotheos Loukas, Vassilios Papadakis 

Case Report

Diagnosed congenital hypothyroidism with missing follow-up: Is it time for a national registry?

Ibrahim Al-Alwan,ab Ahlam AlRowaeah,a Manal Bawazeera 

Case Report

Perioperative concerns in patients with tumor-induced osteomalacia for surgical excision of tumor

Ravindra Pandey, Anil Agarwal, Vanlal Darlong, Rakesh Garg, Jyotsna Punj 

What's Your Diagnosis?

An uncommon cause of duodenal obstruction

Saifullah Khalid, Mohd Khalid, Ibne Ahmad, Samreen Zaheer, Amit Jain 

Letters to the Editor

Sclerosing encapsulating peritonitis with perforation of the gastrointestinal tract: a serious complication of continuous peritoneal dialysis

Serdar Kuru, Cagri Akalin, Kemal Kismet, Ertugrul Ertas

Letters to the Editor

Capecitabine-induced terminal ileitis

Aboelkhair Mohammad Al-Gahmi,a Ian Graham Kerr,a Jamal Mohamed Zekri,a Abbas Abdulqader Zagnoonb 


Hummingbird sign in progressive supranuclear palsy

Rajesh Verma, Mani Gupta

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