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VOLUME 32 | ISSUE 3 | 2012

Update on Diabetes Diagnosis: A Historical Review of the Dilemma of the Diagnostic Utility of Glycohemoglobin A1c and a Proposal for a Combined Glucose-A1c Diagnostic Method

Saleh A. Aldasouqi, Ved V. Gossain

Original Article

Pediatrician knowledge, perception, and experience on child abuse and neglect in Saudi Arabia

Hamed S. Habib

Original Article

Fasting among Muslim cancer patients during the holy month of Ramadan

Ahmed A. Zeeneldin,a Fatma M. Tahab

Original Article

Prognostic significance of concomitant radiotherapy in newly diagnosed glioblastoma multiforme: a multivariate analysis of 116 patients

Nilgun Ozbek Okumus,a Bilge Gursel,a Deniz Meydan,a Ozge Ozdemir,a Eylem Odabası,a Guzin Gonullub

Original Article

Expression of testis-specific genes, TEX101 and ODF4, in chronic myeloid leukemia and evaluation of TEX101 immunogenicity

Soudeh Ghafouri-Fard,a Mohammad Hossein Modarressi,b Fatemeh Yazarloob

Original Article

The effect of prostate tissue inflammation in benign prostatic hyperplasia on enhancer of zeste homolog 2 ribonucleic acid expression

May Al-Maghrebi,a Elijah O. Kehinde,b Fahd Al-Mulla,c Jehoram T. Animc

Original Article

Single-fraction γ-60Co radiation induces apoptosis in cultured rat C6 cells

Jiefang Bian,a Xiling Wang,b Jun Yun,a Ruifeng Cao,b Yunxin Cao,c Jingwen Liang,b Fucheng Mad

Original Article

Inflammatory bowel disease in Saudi Arabia: a hospital-based clinical study of 312 patients

Mohammed Al Fadda, Musthafa Chalikandy Peedikayil, Ingvar Kagevi, Khalid Al Kahtani, Ali Al Ben Mousa, Hamad Ibrahim Al Ashgar, Fahad Al Sohaibani, Mohammed Al Quaiz, Maheeba Abdulla, Mohammed Qaseem Khan, Ahmed Helmy 

Original Article

Profile of mycosis fungoides in 43 Saudi patients

Khalid M. AlGhamdi,a Maha M. Arafah,b Luluah A. Al-Mubarak,c Amor Khachemoune,d Fahad M. Al-Saifa

Original Article

Epidemiological, clinical, and biochemical characteristics of Saudi patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease: a hospital-based study

Waleed Al-hamoudi,a Mohamed El-Sabbah,a Safiyya Ali,a Mansour Altuwaijri,a Mohamed Bedewi,b Mustafa Adam,c Alwaleed Alhammad,c Faisal Sanai,d Khalid Alswat,a Ayman Abdoa

Original Article

Song listening does not affect pattern reversal visual evoked potentials

Raja Sawaya,a Mohamed I. Kansob


The Current Lymphoma Classification: New Concepts and Practical Applications—Triumphs and Woes

Nasir Bakshi,a Irfan Maghfoorb

Case Report

Tumor lysis syndrome during radiotherapy for prostate cancer with bone and bone marrow metastases without visceral metastasis

Muhammet Ali Kaplan,a Mehmet Kucukoner,a Gulistan Alpagat,b Abdurrahman Isikdogana

Case Report

A fatal case of cutaneous adverse drug-induced toxic epidermal necrolysis associated with severe rhabdomyolysis

Sheik Oaleed Noordally,a Schoeb Sohawon,b Julien Vanderhulst,a Ruth Duttmann,c Francis Corazza,d Jacques Devriendta

Case Report

First case report of chronic pulmonary lung disease caused by Mycobacterium abscessus in two immunocompetent patients in Saudi Arabia

Bright Varghese,a Sue Elizabeth Shajan,b Majed Omar Al Saedi,c Sahal A. Al-Hajoja

Case Report

Ricin poisoning causing death after ingestion of herbal medicine

Abdullah. S. Assiri 

Case Report

Diffuse skin hyperpigmentation in CD30+ lymphoproliferation

Zeljko Prka,a Cedna Tomasovic-Loncaric,b Vlatko Pejsa,a Branimir Nevajda,a Rajko Kuseca

Letters to the Editor

Skull metastasis from hepatocellular carcinoma with hepatitis C

Fatih Ermis,a Memduh Dursun,b Ramazan Kurt,c Filiz Akyuza

Letters to the Editor

Fever of unknown origin, anemia and thrombocytosis as early symptoms and signs of a late-onset polymialgia rheumatica: a diagnostic challenge

Pasquale Niscola, Laura Scaramucci, Marco Giovannini, Andrea Tendas, Luca Cupelli, Alessio Pio Perroti, Paolo de Fabritiis

Letters to the Editor

RE: Seatbelt compliance and mortality in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries in comparison with other high-income countries

Majid Akrami 

Letters To the Editor


Fikri M. Abu-Zidan, Ashraf F. Hefny, Alaa K. Abbas


Unpredictable dance of worms

Mohd Lateef Wani 

Historical Review

The Neurosciences in Averroes’ “Principles of Medicine”

Fernando Delgado

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