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Acute kidney injury in the tropics

Ashish Jacob Mathew,a Jacob Georgeb

Original Article

Home intravenous antibiotics in a tertiary care hospital in Saudi Arabia

Salim Baharoon,a Hind Almodaimeg,b Haifa Al Watban,c Hamdan Al Jahdali,d Thamer Alenazi,e Abdullah Al Sayyari,f Abdulaziz Al Dawood,a Mohammed Al-Sultan,g Eiman Al Safih

Original Article

Frequency and antibiotic susceptibility of gram-positive bacteria in Makkah hospitals

Atif H. Asghar 

Original Article

Retrospective review of invasive pediatric pneumococcal diseases in a military hospital in the southern region of Saudi Arabia

Mohammed Saeed Al Ayed,a Ali Abdullah Hawanb 

Original Article

Prevalence and causes of visual impairment among Saudi adults attending primary health care centers in northern Saudi Arabia

Farhan Fayez Al-Shaaln,a Marwan Abdurrahman Bakrman,b Adel Mohammad Ibrahim,c Abdullah Srour Aljoudid

Original Article

Assessment of the role of paraoxonase gene polymorphism (Q192R) and paraoxonase activity in the susceptibility to atherosclerosis among lead-exposed workers

Manal Kamal,a Mona M Fathy,a Eman Taher,b Manal Hasan,c May Tolbad

Original Article

Pattern of craniofacial anomalies seen in a tertiary care hospital in Saudi Arabia

Aljohar Aziza,a Ravichandran Kandasamy,b Subhani Shaziab

Original Article

Caudal epidural block in children and infants: retrospective analysis of 2088 cases

Serbülent Gökhan Beyaz,a Orhan Tokgöz,b Adnan Tüfekc

Original Article

Prevalence of short stature in Saudi children and adolescents

Mohammad I. El Mouzan,a Abdullah S. Al Herbish,a Abdullah A. Al Salloum,a Peter J. Foster,b Ahmad A. Al Omer,c Mansour M. Qurachid

Original Article

Clinical efficacy of neoadjuvant chemotherapy with platinum-based regimen for patients with locoregionally advanced head and neck squamous cell carcinoma: an evidence-based meta-analysis

Hui Chen,a Liang Zhou,a Dongbin Chen,b Jianfeng Luoc 

Original Article

Accuracy of acetaminophen dosing in children by caregivers in Saudi Arabia

Mohammed Alomar, Fawaz Alenazi, Nahar Alruwaili  

Original Article

Clinical characteristics and outcomes of critically ill obstetric patients: a ten-year review Abdulaziz Aldawood

Abdulaziz Aldawood 

Original Article

Human metapneumovirus and human coronavirus infection and pathogenicity in Saudi children hospitalized with acute respiratory illness

Sami Al Hajjar,a,d Sahar Al Thawadi,b Amal Al Seraihi,c Saleh Al Muhsen,a,d Hala Imambaccusb  

Brief Report

Liver abscess presentation and management in Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom

Ali Albenmousa,a Faisal M. Sanai,a Amit Singhal,b Mohammed A. Babatin,c Adnan A. AlZanbagi,c Malfi M. Al-Otaibi,a Altaf H. Khan,d Khalid I. Bzeizia 

Case Report

Hepatocellular carcinoma presenting as polymyositis: a paraneoplastic syndrome

Dhiraj Kishore, Vishal Khurana, Amit Raj, Indarajeet Singh Gambhir, Amita Diwaker

Case Report

Hydatid cyst of the pancreas mimicking choledochal cyst

Nisar A. Bhat, Kumar Abdul Rashid, Imtiaz Wani, Shadab Wani, Abeer Syeed 

Case Report

Pseudotumor cerebri in a child receiving peritoneal dialysis: recovery of vision after lumbo-pleural shunt

Muhammad Talal Alrifai,a Foad Al Naji,a Abdulrahman Alamir,a Neville Russellb 

Case Report

Primary sternal tuberculous ulcer with dissemination to the bone marrow: a clinical rarity

Rikki Singal,a Prem Singh,b Amit Mittal,c Samita Gupta,c Shveta Singla,b Deepesh Benjamin Kenwara 


Congenital pouch colon

Bilal Mirza, Lubna Ijaz, Afzal Sheikh 

Letters to the Editor

Urine Iodine Excretion in Patients with Euthyroid Nodular Disease

Abdelsalam Elnour

Letters to the Editor


Evrim Cakir

Letters to the Editor

Ambiguous genitalia: two decades of experience

Mahmood D. Al-Mendalawi 

Letters to the Editor

Abdominal pain as a presenting feature of spinal tuberculosis in a child

Syed Ahmed Zaki, Preeti Shanbag, Vijoy Lad

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