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Unsuspected Foreign Object in the Bronchus

Images submitted by Yu-Jen Cheng, Eing-Long Kao

What’s Your Diagnosis?

Diagnosis: Ruptured Neonatal Appendicitis

Nabil Mounla


Glycemic Control and Treatment Satisfaction in Saudi Diabetic Children on Insulin Pump Therapy

Bassam S. Bin-Abbas, Nadia A. Sakati, Abdullah A. Al-Ashwal


Awareness of Avian Influenza (“Bird Flu”) Among Attendees of a Primary Healthcare Clinic in Riyadh

Yousef Abdulah Al-Turki, MD, MBBS, DPHC, ABFM


The Atkin’s Diet Controversy

Ghanim Salih Mahdi


Reply to Re: Childhood Obesity in Iraq: A Gender Perspective

Riyadh K. Lafta, MD, PhD


Re: Childhood Obesity in Iraq: A Gender Perspective

Mustafa Afifi, MMed, DrPH

What's Your Diagnosis?

A Three-Week-Old Preterm Female Infant with Abdominal Distension

Nabil Mounla

Case Report

Gender Identity in Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia Secondary to 11-Hydroxylase Deficiency

Bassam S. Bin-Abbas, Nadia A. Sakati, Abdullah A. Al-Ashwal

Case Report

Splenic Vein Aneurysm in Association with Extrahepatic Portal Hypertension

Omar Javed Shah, Irfan Robbani

Original Article

Assessment of Prescribing Information for Generic Drugs Manufactured in the Middle East and Marketed in Saudi Arabia

Nicole Gebran, Khaled Al Haidari

Case Report

A Case of Vitamin D Deficiency Masquerading as Occult Malignancy

Mohammed Ahmed,* Haroon A Faraz,† Abdulraof Almahfouz,* Abdullah Alarifi,* Hussein Raef,* Fouad Al-Dayel,‡ Abdulaziz Al-Sugair,§ Ali Alzahrani*

Case Report

Intratesticular Varicocele and Extratesticular Varicocele in a Patient with Nephrotic Syndrome Complicated by Left Renal Vein Thrombosis

Poovathumkadavil Mammunji Abduljaleel,* Fathima Al-Mulhim,* Asif Nouman,† Ahmed Kharouby,* Subhash Chandra Das†

Brief Report

Appropriateness of Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Referrals from Primary Health Care

Wafa R. Al-Romaih, Ali M. Al-Shehri

Brief Report

Sarcoidosis: A Delayed or Missed Diagnosis in Children

Sulaiman M. Al-Mayouf,* Abdullah Al-Sonbul,* Suleiman Al Jumaah,* Amal Al-Hemidan†

Brief Report

Initial Experience with Intracardiac Echocardiography Guidance in Transcatheter Closure of Interatrial Communication (Atrial Septal Defect, Patent Foramen Ovale, Fenestrated Fontan) in Saudi Arabia

Mashail Alobaidan, Tarik Moamenah, Hafeez Abdullah

Original Article

Grading of Follicular Lymphoma Using Flow Cytometry

Walid A. Mourad, Faisal Rawas, Mohamed Shoukri, Abdelghani Tbakhi, Mohamed Al Omari, Asma Tulbah, Fouad Al Dayel

Mini Review

Towards Evidence-Based Diagnosis in Developing Countries: The Use of Likelihood Ratios for Robust Quick Diagnosis

Akbar Soltani, Alireza Moayyeri

Review Article

Rotavirus Infection in Saudi Arabia

Ali M. Kheyami, Nigel A. Cunliffe, C. Anthony Hart

Original Article

Clinicopathological Features in 102 Cases of Hirschsprung Disease

Fouzia Ziad,* Kenneth C Katchy,* Saleema Al Ramadan,† Susan Alexander,* Sunil Kumar †


Issues with Generic Drugs in Saudi Arabia

Yousef Abdu Asiri; Mohammad J.S. Al-Yamani

Special Communication

Avian Influenza: Are Our Feathers Ruffled?

Hanan Balkhy,* Sami Al-Hajjar †

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