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Original Article

Value of Computed Tomography Pelvimetry in Patients with a Previous Cesarean Section

Tarik Y. Yamani, MB, ChB, CABOG, FICS; Abdulrahim A. Rouzi, MB, ChB, FRCSC

Letter to the Editor


Hala Kfoury, MD, FRCPA, Lulu Al Bhlal, MD, FRCPA

Letter to the Editor

Granulomatous Lobular Mastitis: Clinicopathological Study of 12 Cases

Dr. Abdul-Wahed Meshikhes, FICS, FRCSI

Letter to the Editor

The Management of Acute Respiratory Infections: Saudi National Protocol for Diagnosis and Treatment

Dr. Tawfik A. Khoja, MBBS, DPHC, FRCGP

Letter to the Editor

Isolated Breast Lump of Tuberculosis Etiology

Hassan A.A. Musa, FRCSI

Letter to the Editor

Melanotic Neuroectodermal Tumor of Infancy in a Child

Christine Hoeffel, MD

Letter to the Editor


Dr. A.M. Kambal

Letter to the Editor

Flavobacterium Meningosepticum in ICUs

P. Thirumalaikolundusubramanian

Letter to the Editor

Chloroquine Resistance among Malarial Episodes in Saudi Arabia

Subhash Arya, MBBS, PhD

Brief Report

The Management of Hepatic Hydatid Cyst Cavity By Overlapping

Adil Kartal, MD, FICS; Mustafa Sahin, MD; Serdar Yol, MD; Metin Belviranli, MD; Ömer Karahan, MD; Celalettin Vatansev, MD; Saim Açikgözoglu, MD

Brief Report

Parental Awareness of Liver Disease among Children in Saudi Arabia

Mohammed A. Al-Essa, MD; Ali Al-Mehaidib, MD; Salah Al-Gain, MSc

Brief Report

Acute Respiratory Tract Infections: Epidemiological Data, Guided Case Management and Outcome in a Pediatric Hospital in Riyadh

Sameeh S. Ghazal, DCH, MRCP; Mansour Al Howasi, DCH, MRCP, FRCP(E); Dhiman Chowdhury, DCH, MRCP

Brief Report

Anticardiolipin Antibodies in Young Saudis with Ischemic Stroke

Abdul Kader Daif, MD; Mohammad Abdul Jabbar, FRCPC; Adesola Ogunniyi, MD

Brief Report

Misperceptions About Breastfeeding Among Saudi Female College Students

Hassan Bella, MD, PhD; B.K. Dabal, MD

Brief Report

Seroprevalence of Kala-Azar Among Humans and Dogs in Yemen

Hassan A. Al-Shamahy, md

Brief Report

Sickle Cell Disease: Patients' Awareness and Management

Faisal A. Al Nasir, FRCGP, MICGP, PhD; Gulzar Niazi, PhD

Brief Report

Prevalence of HBsAg and Anti-HCV in Saudi Blood Donors

W. Altamimi, PhD; I. Altraif, md; M. Elsheikh, md; A. Alkshan, BSc; L. Qasem, BSc; M. Sohaibani, MD, FCAP

Original Article

An Age- and Gender-Specific Analysis of H. Pylori Infection

Abdur Rauf Khan, MD, FCAP

Brief Report

Fanconi's Anemia and Primary Hypothyroidism

Mahmoud Al-Sheyyab, MRCPI; Hatem El-Shanti, MD; Nayef Ghariebeh, MD, PhD; Faisal Ektiesh, MRCPI; Azhar S. Daoud, FRCP

Case Report

Neonatal Bladder Rupture: A Rare Etiology

Ahmad M. Al-Shammari, MD, FRCS(Ed); Michael P. Leonard, MD, FRCSC, FAAP

Case Report

Methemoglobinemia Induced by Accidental Ingestion of Nitrite

Quaisar M. Razzaq, FRCS(Glas)

Case Report

Kikuchi's Disease and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus in A Saudi Child

Abdullah A. Al Salloum, md

Case Report

Tarlov's Cyst

Saeed Al-Qahtani, MBBS

Case Report

Postpartum Collapse Caused by Extensive Mesenteric Venous Thrombosis

Jacob A. Unuigbe, FRCOG; Salah Nouri, FRCS

Special Communication

Translation and Adaptation of the Revised Denver Pre-Screning Developmental Questionnaire for Madinah Children, Saudi Arabia

Salih Saad Al-Ansari, MD. FFCM; Hassan Bella, MD, PhD

History of Medicine

Surgeons and the Operating Theater: Past, Present and Future

Abdullah Al-Othman, FRCS(Ed), JMC (Ortho), FICS; Naif Al-Awad, MD, CABS; Shyam K. Parashar, FRCS(Ed). FICS. FACS


Systemic Antifungal Therapy: Past, Present and Future

Ibrahim Al-Mohsen, MD; Walter T. Hughes, MD

Original Article

Begin Disorders of the Prostate: A Histopathological Study

J.T. Anim, MD, FRCPath; B.H. Ebrahim, MB; S. Abdul Sathar, MB

Original Article

Childhood Epidemiology of Hepatitis a Virus in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Mohamed Khalil, MBBCh, MPH, MSc, MD; Yagob Al-Mazrou, MBBCh, FRCGP, PhD; Mohamed Al-Jeffri, MBBCh, MTM; Mansour Al-Howasi, MBBCh, FRCP

Original Article

Clinical Aspects of Malaria in the Asir Region, Saudi Arabia

Gaafar M. Malik, MRCP; Osheik Seidi, MRCP; Abdelmageed El-Taher, MBBS; Abdin Shiekh Mohammed, MBBS

Original Article

The Safety of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy in Sickle Cell Disease: An Update

Abdul-Wahed N. Meshikhes, FICS, FRCSI; Hussain A. Al-Abkari, ABGS, FRCSI; Ahmed A. Al-Faraj, MD, ABIM; Samir A. Al-Dhurais, FRCS(Ed), FRACS; Osama Al-Saif, MB, BS


Smoking and Health: New Insightsand Recent Developments

Henrik Schultz, MD Adnan Ezzat, MB, BCh, FRCPC, FACP Ayman Allam, MD Alan Gray, FRACR, FRACP

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