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What's Your Diagnosis

Answer to What's Your Diagnosis?

Book Review

Hypertension Control - Report of a WHO Expert Committee, World Health Organization

M. Zuheir Al Kawi, MD, FAAN, FACP

Book Review

Surgery of the Chest, 6th Edition

Dr. Aly Al Sanei

Letter to the Editor


S. M. Hussain Qadri, PhD, FRCPath, Diplomate ABMM; Yoshio Ueno, RT, CSLT; A. G. Postle, RT, CSLT

Letter to the Editor

Is Tazocin™ (Piperacillin/Tazobactam) Effective against Non ß-Lactamase Producers?

Tariq Butt, MBBS, MCPS, MPhil, FCPS

Letter to the Editor

Vitiligo: A Study of 112 Cases

Adolphus O. Somorin, FRCP, FMCP, FWCAP, DTM&H; Peter M. Krahn, PhD, CIH, FCACB

Letter to the Editor

Significant Hypoalbuminemia and Hypoproteinemia Associated with Myocardial Infarction in a Kuwaiti Arab Population

S.O. Olusi, MD, PhD; K. Prabha, MD; T.N. Sugathan, PhD


Breast Cancer Screening and a Comprehensive Breast Cancer Program in Saudi Arabia

Stanley M. Knoll, MD, FACS

Brief Report

Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Urinary Bladder

Atallah A. Shaaban, MD; Saad A. Orkubi, AF Urol; Mohammad T. Said, FRCS; Boshra Yousef, FRCR; Mohammed S. Abomelha, MD, AF Urol

Brief Report

Pattern of Skin Diseases in Al-Jouf Region

Pramod K. Agarwal, MD

Brief Report

Prevalence of Hypercholesterolemia in a Kuwaiti Hospital Outpatient Population

Samuel Olusoji Olusi, MBBS, PhD, FMCPath; Kinatamitath Prabha, MD; Arafat Sulaiman, BM, BCh; Thattaruparambil Natesan Sugathan, PhD

Brief Report

Pattern of Burn Injuries at King Fahad Hospital, Al-Baha: A Study of 277 Cases

Mustafa H. Ali, MD

Brief Report

CSF Bacterial Antigen Detection Testing in the Diagnosis of Meningitis

Hassib Narchi, MD, MRCP

Case Report

Afferent Arteriovenous Fistula in Thumb Revascularization

Mohammed Bassam Hawary, FRCSC; Eufemiano Cardoso, FRCSE; Sultan Mahmud, MBBS, PhD

Case Report

Occurrence of Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus in Two Siblings

Abdulkader Daif, MD

Case Report

Laparoscopic Excision of An Intra-Abdominal Schwannoma

Zain Al-Shareef, MB, BS, Facharzt; Inam Ahmed, MB, BS, FRCS; Mohammed Khurshid Alam, FRCS; Mohammed Abdul Qadder Ahmed, MB, BS, FRCR

Case Report

Giant Mediastinal Cystic Hygroma in a Child

Ahmed H. Al-Salem,FRCSI, FICS, FACS; Sayed Qaisruddin, MS; Hussain Abusrair, FRCPC; Shazad S. Qureshi, MMSc, MRCPath; Koyikal Karthikeya Varma, FRACS

Case Report

Pilomatrixoma: Fine-Needle Aspiration Cytology a Report of Three Cases

Asma Tulbah, MD, FRCPA; Mohammed Akhtar, MD, FCAP, FRCPA

Case Report

Acute Hepatitis a Virus Infection and Meningoencephalitis

Hakan Leblebicioglu, MD; Saban Esen, MD; Mustafa Sünbül,MD; Ahmet Saniç, MD; Murat Günaydin, MD

What's Your Diagnosis

What's Your Diagnosis?

Editors: Husn Frayha, MD, and Mansour Al Nozha, FRCP

Submitted by Eman Bakhsh, MD, and Jehad AlWatban, FRCRP

Review Aricle

Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Infection in Saudi Arabia: A Review

Faleh Z. Al-Faleh, Facharzt; Sami Ramia, PhD, MCRPath

Review Article

Use of Electron Microscopy to Diagnose Viral Illnesses

Sara E. Miller, PhD

Original Article

Cancer in the Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia: A Population-Based Study (1987-1988)

Tawfik M. Al Tamimi, PhD; Ezzeldin M. Ibrahim, MRCP; Abdel-Wahab M. Ibrahim, FRCS; Adnan A. Al-Bar, FFCM; Suleiman A. Assuhaimi, FFCM; Gabriel S. Gabriel, MPH; Adel M. Mishriky, MD; Hassan Y. Al-Idrissi, Facharzt; Mohammad O. Al-Sohaibani, FFCM; Mohammad H. Al-Sibai, Facharzt

Original Article

Studies on Preventive Nephrology: Systemic Hypertension in the Pediatric and Adolescent Population of Gassim, Saudi Arabia

M. Akin O. Soyannwo, MD, PhD, FRCPI; Mohsen Gadallah, MD; Nabil Y. Kurashi, FAMCO; Jamal Hams, MBBS; Osama El-Essawi, MSc; Nissar A. Khan, MBBS, MRCP(UK); Rana G. Singh, MD, DM; Aladin Alamri, MD; Talal H. Beyari, MD, DCH

Original Article

Granulomatous Lobular Mastitis: A Clinicopathological Study of 12 Cases

Hala Kfoury, MD; Lulu Al Bhlal, MD

Original Article

Immunoglobulins, Immunoglobulin G Subclasses and Complement in Adult Omanis

Arthur G. White, PhD; Hamad A. Al Riyami, BSc; Padma Kuchipudi, MSc; Abdallah S. Daar, DPhil

Original Article

Hysteria: A Clinical and Sociodemographic Profile of 40 Patients Admitted to a Teaching Hospital, 1985-1995

Tariq Ali Al-Habeeb, MBBS, DPM, RCP&S; Khalid Al-Zaid, MBBS; Fath El Aleem Abdul Rahim, MBBS, DPM, FRCPsych; Eiad A. Al-Faris, MBBS, MRCGP

Original Article

The Role of Hepatitis E Virus Infection among Patients with Acute Viral Hepatitis in Southern Saudi Arabia

Bandar Al-Knawy, MBBS, FRCPC; Awad A. El-Mekki, MBBS, PhD; Patrice O. Yarbough, PhD

Original Article

Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Domestic Expatriate Workers in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Sami A. Hamdi, MBBCH, MSc, MD; M. Abdulbari Ibrahim, MD, MPH&TM, DrPh

Original Article

Etiology of Ascites and the Diagnostic Value of Serum-Ascites Albumin Gradient in Non-Alcohol Liver Disease

Bandar A. Al-Knawy, MBBS, FRCPC

Original Article

Profile of Neurological Problems in Diabetes Mellitus: Retrospective Analysis of Data from 1294 Patients

Abdul Hamid Zargar, DM; Fayaz Ahmad Sofi, MD; Bashir Ahmad Laway, MD;

Original Article

Enteroviruses at a Tertiary Care Center in Saudi Arabia, 1989-1995

Sami Al-Hajjar, MD, FRCPC, FAAP; Javed Akhter, FIMLS; Haider Arishi, MD, ABP, DCH; Sayed M. H. Qadri, PhD, FRCPath

Original Article

An Overview of Breast Cancer

Adnan Ezzat, MB, BCh, FRCPC; Madras Raja, MD, MRCP(UK); Assem Rostom, FRCR; Ferdinand Zwaan, MD, PhD, MRCPath; Mohammed Akhtar, MD, FCAP, FRCPA; Shouki Bazarbashi, MB, BS; Stig Ingemansson, MD, PhD; Abdulmajeed Al-Abdulkareem, FRCSC

Original Article

B- and T-Lymphocyte Distribution in Benign and Malignant Lymphoepithelial Lesions of the Parotid Gland: Correlation with Epstein-Barr Virus Expression and a Proposed Mechanism of Malignant Transformation

Walid A. Mourad, MD, FCAP, FRCPC; Hala K. Kfoury, MD; M. Ashraf Ali, MD, FCAP, FRCPC


Perinatal Mortality at Princess Badia' Teaching Hospital, Northern Jordan

Faisal Abuekteish, MRCP; Azhar S. Daoud, FRCP; Elias Sunna, FRCOG; Ahmad Obeidat, MD; Hala S. Al-Rimawi, FRCP

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