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VOLUME 14 | ISSUE 4 | JULY 1994
Book Review

The Handbook of Symptom-Oriented Neurology

M. Zuheir Al-Kawi, MD, FAAN

Book Review

Cardiovascular - Interventional Technology Exam Review

Mohd R. Arafah, FRCP(C), FACP, FACC

Book Review

Gastrointestinal Radiology

Professor Nour-El-Din Hawass

Letter to the Editor

Autopsy and Medicine in Saudi Arabia

M. S. Elbualy, FAAP

Letter to the Editor

Autopsies in Saudi Arabia

Peter B. Herdson, MB, ChB, B Med Sc, PhD, FRCPA, (Hon)FRACR

Letter to the Editor

Choroid Plexus Papilloma of the Third Ventricle in an Infant

Unnikrishnan M, MCh(Neuro)

Letter to the Editor


Zaheer Ahmed Khan, PhD; Abdulaziz Abdulla Al-Jama, MPH, SCD; Inderjeet Madan, MSc, AIMLS; Amjad H. Siddiqui Rahi, MD, PhD, FRCPath; Muzaffar Ahmed, MD, DCH

Letter to the Editor

Myiasis in Saudi Arabia

Joseph A. Sundharam, MD; Mohamad N. Al-Gamal, MSc

Letter to the Editor

Chediak-Higashi Syndrome (CHS): Report on Two Female Saudi Siblings

Adewale A.O. Laditan, FRCP; Art Yaneza, FRCPath; Ishwar L. Jeswani, MD

Case Report

Primary Malignant Melanoma of Esophagus

Mohamed Ali Al-Karawi, Facharzt; Sohail Akhtar Mohamed, MBBS; Colin Macdougall, MRCP

Case Report

Thymic Lymphoma with Thymic Cyst

Anwar Ul Haque, MD; Tawfiq Tamimi, MB, ChB, PhD; Mohammad Ashraf Ali, MD; Charles E. Platz, MD

Case Report

Pseudoaneurysm of Popliteal Artery Secondary to Hereditary Multiple Exostoses: Case Report

Nabeel MS Qattan, FRCS; Muaffak Jawdat, Facharzt; Ali Al-Sabti, FRCS

Case Report

Neuroblastoma in Thoracic Region in Adults: A Report of Five Cases

Vinod Raina, MRCP(UK); Rajender Kumar, MBBS; Surender K. Sharma, MD; Chitra Sarkar, MD; Chandershekhar S. Bal, MD

Original Article

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Spine: An Initial Experience

Fatma A. Al-Mulhim, MD; Ezzeldin M. Ibrahim, MD, FRCPI

Original Article

Central Adiposity and Atherogenic Lipids in Saudi Diabetics

Suresh Khandekar, DM; Saad A. Noeman, md, PhD; Karanam Muralidhar, PhD; Mohsen Gadallah, MD; Khalid S. Al-Sawaf, MSc

Original Article

Use of Blood in Elective Surgery: an Area of Wasted Hospital Resource

Saleh A. Sowayan, MD

Original Article

Fertility Following Ectopic Pregnancy

Babatunde Adelusi, MD, FRCOG; Noori Chowdhury, MSc, MPH; Abdul Aziz Al-Meshari, MB, FRCOG

Original Article

Glutaric Aciduria Type 1: First Reported Cases in Three Saudi Patients

Robert Coates, MD; Mohammed Rashed, PhD; Zuhair Rahbeeni, MD; Sami Al-Garawi, MD; Ali N. Al-Odaib, MS; Nadia Sakati, MD; Generoso Gascon, MD; Howard Worthen, MD. PhD; Pinar T. Ozand, MD, PhD

Original Article

Hepaiitis B, Delta and Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infections among Omani Patients with Renal Diseases: A Seroprevalence Study

Said H. S. Al-Dhahry, MD, PhD; Prabhakar N. Aghanashinikar, MBBS, DSM; Hamoud A. Al-Marhuby, MBBS, DSM; Mads R. Buhl, MD, PhD; Abdullah S. Daar, FRCS, MRCP, PhD; Mohammed K. Al-Hasani, MD, MRCP

Original Article

Study of Noise, Hearing Impairment and Hypertension in Egypt

Mohamed Mustafa Saad, PhD; Mohamed Sayed Hussein, PhD; Hammam Mohamed Hammam, PhD

Original Article

Infected Abdominal Aortic Grafts

Mohammad Yahya Al-Shehri, FRCSC; Neil V. McPhail, MD, FRCSC; Graeme Barber, MD, FRCSC; Isaac Grillo, md, faca, faca; Abdulatif A. Softah, frcsc

Original Article

Relationship of Body Weight to Altitude in Saudi Arabia

Mohamed Elhabib Mohamed Khalid, MBBS, PhD (UK); Mohamed Elamin Ali, MRCOG, MPH

Original Article

Effect of Moderately High Altitude on The Pattern of Lung Disease

Mohamed Saleh Al-Hajjaj, FRCP(C); Mohamed Nasser Al-Nasser, FRCP(C); Sameer Omar Huraib, frcp(C); Feisal Abdullah Al-Kassimi, mrcp

Original Artitcle

Retrospective Analysis of Assisted Conception Techniques: A Three Year Experience

Badreldin Abdalla Mustafa, FRCOG; Suha Jamil, BSc

Original Artitcle

High Level Resistance to Aminoglycosides in Enterococci from Riyadh

Saleh R. Al-Ballaa, MD, MACP, FRCP(C); S. M. Hussain Qadri, PhD, FRCPath, FAAM Suliman R. Al-Balla, FRCP(C); Abdelmaged M. Kambal, FRCPath; Hishama Saldin, BSc, ASM; Khalid Al-Qatary, MT

Original Artitcle

Helicobacter Pylori Infection in Gastric Cancer: A Study of 84 Cases from Asir Region

Jamal Hamdi, frcs, Nader Morad, fcap

Original Artitcle

Antithyroid Antibodies and Thyroid Dysfunction in Saudi Children with Down Syndrome

Mohamed Ahmed Abdullah, FRCP; Hussain Salman, MD; Sulaiman Al-Habib, MRCP; Abdulrahman Ghareeb, MD; Ahmed Abanamy, MD


Knee Joint Replacement in Saudi Arabia - Present and Future

Ake Ahlberg, MD, PhD

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