Table of Contents - ISSUE 5

Letter to the Editor

Drug Resistance in Tuberculosis

Ibrahim O. Al-Orainey, MRCP (UK)

Letter to the Editor

Renal Histology in Saudi Population with Overt Nephrotic Syndrome

M. Al-Sulaiman, MRCP(UK); J. M. Dhar, MD, MRCP(UK)

Case Report

Gastrointesinal Phytobezoar Obstruction: Report of Three Cases

Riadh A. M. Sharif, FRCS(Ed), FICS; Waleed M. Al-Masri, FRCSI; Abdul Moniem H. Taha, FRCS(Ed); Abdul Aziz Al-Farhoud, MBChB

Case Report

A Fatal Case of Aspirin Idiosyncrasy

Suliman Alballa, FRCP(C)

Case Report

Nose and Throat Leech Infestation: A Report of Six Cases from Jordan

M. T. Damati, FRCS; M. N. Abo-Shehada, PhD

Case Report

Transfusion Malaria in Newborn Infants: Report of Two Cases

Edathoot Vijayakumar, MD, MRCP(UK), DCH; Meeralebbae M. Shaheed, MD, MRCP(UK), DCH; Manil S. Katugampola, MRCP(UK), DCH; Khalid N. Haque, FRCP(Edin), FRCP(Lond), FRCP(I)

Case Report

Kohl Contamination of the Umbilicus Causing X-Ray Opacity: A Case Report

Mukesh Gupta, MD; Shahzad S. Khan, MD

Surgical Com

One-Stage Penile and Urethral Reconstruction - A New Extension of Inferiorly Based Rectus Abdominis Myocutaneous Flap

Mohammed Hegazi, MS, FRCSI; Hussein Fadaak, DS, FRCSI; Alaa Saharty, MS; Ahmed Wafiq, MS

Special Com

Evaluation of Newborn Care in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: A First Step Toward Regionalization of Perinatal Care

Abdulatif Al-Faraidy, MD, Facharzt; Adekunle Dawodu, FRCP(E); Gady Magbool, MD, Facharzt; Khalid Al-Umran, CABP; Gunes Ozdural, MSC

Original Article

Urinary Calcium, Phosphate, and Uric Acid Excretion Before and After Stone Surgery

A. I. A. Ibrahim, FRCS(Ed)

Original Article

Acute Hemorrhagic Conjunctivitis: An Enterovirus Type 70 Outbreak in Gizan, Saudi Arabia

Mubarak F. Al Faran, MD; Khalid F. Tabbara, MD; Hassan M. Al-Kassimi, MD; Madian A. Madani, BS; Mohammed A. Arif, PhD; Sami T. Ramia, PhD

Original Article

Epidemiology and Parental Perception of Nocturnal Enuresis in Arab Schoolchildren

H.N. Al-Naqeeb, MB; M.K. Ahmed, MB; G.A.A. Al-Othman, MB; S.M. Bakaya, MB;

Original Article

Radiographic Profile of Spondylolysis and Spondylolisthesis in Saudis

Tajuddin Malabarey, FRCR; Dorothy Makanjuola, FRCR

Original Article

Webbed Penis in Arab Children

Mohammed T. Hussain, MS, FRCS; Asal Y. Izzidien Al-Samarrai, FRCS(Ed), FACS

Original Article

Penetrating Abdominal Injury: Toward More Conservative Management

Mohammed I. Al-Sebayel, FRCS(Glas); Inam Ahmed, FRCS; Adnan B. Mofti, FRCS(Glas)

Original Article

Guar Gum in Non-Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus: A Double-Blind Crossover, Placebo-Controlled Trial in Saudi Arabian Patients

Mohamed A. Laajam, MRCP; Lucia K. Jim, Pharm. D; Souha El-Bolbol, B. Pharm; Sami A. Bashi, MRCP; Layla A. Al-Khayal, MBBS, Omer S. Al-Attas, PhD; Riad A. Sulimani, FRCP(C)

Original Article

Clinical Features and Results of Treatment of Hodgkin’s Disease in Pre-School Saudi Children

Zaki Nasserallah, MD; Rajeh Sabbah, MD; Rhomes J.A. Aur, MD; Kwesi Sackey, MD; M. Ashraf Ali, MD

Original Article

Histologic Patterns of Lymphadenopathy in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia

Mohammed O. Al-Sohaibani, MD, FACP; Mohammed B. Satti, MD, MRCPath; Ezzeldin Ibrahim, FRCP; Saleh Al-Sowayan, MD, FACP

Original Article

A Comparison of Maximal Gastric Secretion in Controls  and Duodenal Ulcer Patients from the Sudan and the  United Kingdom

E. T. Okosdinossian, PhD; H. A. Al-Munshid, PhD, MD; H. M. Ismail, MD, MRCP; M. A. Hassan, MS; P. F. Whitfield, PhD; M. Hobsley, DSc

Original Article

Anemia of Acute Focal Infection in Children in the Area of Riyadh

Hassan M. Bahakim, MD

Original Article

Sinusitis in Saudi Children

Ziad S. Rafii, MD, FAAP

Original Article

Sheehan’s Syndrome: A Retrospective Review of 50 Cases Seen at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Abdulrahman Al-Nuaim, MB, FRCP(C), FACP; Mohammad Al-Mofarreh, Facharzt; Y.P. Shetty, MRCP; Olufunsho O. Fumuyiwa, FACP; R.P. Mathur, MD, DM; Safia M. Sherbeeni, MBBS

Original Article

Chronic Renal Failure in Children in Saudi Arabia

Tej K. Mattoo, MD, DCH(London), MRCP(London); Saleh Al-Mohalhal, AFU; Abdul Mohsin Al-Sowailem, Fachartz; Mansoor Al-Harbi, DCH; Moustapha A. Mahmood, MSc


New Viral Diseases and Medical Research

Khalid F. Tabbara, MD

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