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VOLUME 10 | ISSUE 2 | MARCH 1990
Book Review

Hodgkin's Disease and Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma in Adults and Children

Salah El-Akkad, MD


Laxative-induced Status Epilepticus

H. N. Ranganath, MD, Shamin A. Siddiqui, MD, Nabeel Nezamuddin, FRCSE


Pneumatosis Intestinalis Associated with Gastric Outlet Obstruction and Complicated by Localized Peritoneal Inflammation

Abdur Rauf Khan, Diplomate ABP, ABNM; Tarek Malatani, FRCS; Nazir K. Hussain, Diplomate ABP


Non-menstrual Toxic Shock Syndrome

Mohammed A. Khan, MRCP (UK)


Guillain-Barre Syndrome and Myocardial Infarction

K. Ashouri, MD; A. K. Foli, FRCP, A. Singhal, MD



Akram M. Al-Hilali, MB, ChB, FRCPath


The Classification of Congenital Factor X Deficiency and Abnormalities

Antonio Girolami, MD; Paola Simioni, MD; Grazia Ruzza, MD

Case Report

Werner's Syndrome, Pheochromocytoma due to an Abdominal Paraganglioneuroma, and Geophagia in an Arab

Saad A. Subahi, MB, MRCP; Olufunsho O. Famuyiwa, MB, FACP; Saad S. Al-Harthi, FACHARTZ

Case Report

Fetal Survival after Suppression of Maternal Anticardiolipin Antibody

Kamal Halim, PhD; Saleh S. A. Al-Hedaithy, PhD; E. O. Akande, FRCOG; Abdul Aziz Al-Meshari, FRCOG; Chula N. A. Rajapakse, MRCP; Khalid N. Haque, FRCP

Case Report

Prepubertal Catatonic Schizophrenia

Fath El Aleem Abdul Rahim, MB, BS, DPM, MRCPsych

Case Report

Paradoxical Response of Intracranial Tuberculoma during Treatment

Abdul Karim Al-Aska, FACHARTZ

Case Report

Distalgesic (Dextropropoxyphene) Addiction in Yemeni Patient

Alfred S. Fahim, MB, BCH, DM, DCH, MRCS, LRCP, FRCPI

Clinical Review

Hyperlipidemia in Diabetes Mellitus:Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, and Pharmacological Therapy

Klaus Johansen, MD

Special Communication

Blood Coagulation and the Nephrotic Syndrome:  Deficiency or Excess?

Ramon R. Duarte, MD, FACP; Tariq I. Mughal, MD(Lond), FACP; Abdullah Al-Rogi, MB, BS

Original Article

The Usual and the Unusual Presentation of Ewing's Sarcoma

Maas Abd El-Kader Shaheen, FRCS, MCh(Ortho); Abdulhalim A. Badr, FRCS; Munir Saadeddin, FRCS

Original Article

Endoscopic Dilatation in the Management of Benign and  Malignant Esophageal Strictures: Results of 203  Consecutive Dilatations

Abdel Rahman El Shiekh Mohamed, MRCP, DTM&H;  Mohamed Ali Al-Karawi, FACHARTZ(W. Germany);  Mohamed Ismail Yassawy, MD, DTM

Original Article

Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma in Saudi Arabia:  Selected Clinical and Epidemiological Aspects

Bryce Clubb, MD, MACR, FRCP(C), MRACR; Cedric Quick, MD; Magid Amer, MD; M. Ashraf Ali, MD; William Greer, PhD; Edward B. De Vol, PhD; Ezzat Mahboubi, MD; Mohamed El-Senoussi, MB, BCh, DMRE, CES; Henrik Schultz, MD; George Laramore, PhD; Salah El-Akkad, MD

Original Article

Role of Plasmids in the Antibiotic Resistance of Bacteria in Asir Province

Essam M. Karawya, PhD; Raymond A. Bobo, PhD

Original Article

Bladder Cancer in Iraq: The Histological Subtypes and their Relationship to Schistosomiasis

Tahseen Al-Saleem, MD; Nawal Alsh, MRCPath; Luay E. Tawfikh, MB, ChB, MSc

Original Article

Type Incidence of Herpes Simplex Virus in Clinical  Isolates from Patients with Herpes Genitalis

Abd Ul-Ghani Mohamed Al-Samarai, MB, ChB, M Med Sci, PhD; Anisa Abd Ul-Habib Shareef; BSC, M Med Sci; George Kinghorn, MB, ChB, MRCP, MD; Christopher Potter, BSC, MRCPath, PhD

Original Article

Coagulation Parameters in Maternal and Cord Blood at Delivery

Hassan Bahakim, MD, FAAP(Paed); Abdel Galil M. Abdel Gader, PhD; Fahad Al-Abdul Jabbar, FRCOG; Tawfig H. Gaafar, FRCOG; Yassin B. Edrees, MRCOG

Original Article

Childhood Bacterial Meningitis in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

Jonathan C. Azubuike, MD, FAAP, FMCPaed(Nig)

Original Article

Acute Pancreatitis: Experience in a University Hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Mohamed A. Laajam, MB, BS, DTM&H, MRCP

Original Article

Arrhythmias in Dilated Cardiomyopathy: Incidence, Clinical Significance, and Prognostic Pattern

Mohammed S. Nouh, MD; Abdelrahim Qaraqish, MD

Original Article

Acute Myocardial Infarction in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia: Retrospective Analysis of 264 Patients

Yussuf M. Al-Gindan, FACHARZT; Abdelaziz Al-Qurain, FACHARZT; Ezzeldin M. Ibrahim, MRCP, FRCPI; Hussein M Al-Freihi, MD; Mohammad F. Al-Mohsen, MSc; Akhtar Hussein, MD; Ibrahim Saied, MSc; Ghassab Al-Gassab, FACHARZT; Fahd A. Al-Mohana, MSc


Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Mansour Al-Nozha, FRCP (Lond), FRCP(E), FRCP(I)

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