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The Specialist Answer

The Specialist's Answer

The Specialist Answer

The Specialist's Answer

Current Concepts

Percutaneous Fine-needle Aspiration Biopsy

Mohammed Akhtar, MD,* M. Ashraf Ali, MD,† and John T. Godwin, MD‡


Clinicopathologic Conference

Participants: Edward J. Harder, MD,* David M. Esmail, MD,† Anthony D. C. Dowling, MD,‡ John W. Ratcliffe, MD,§ and John T. Godwin, MD||

Current Concept

Purpose and Techniques of Prenatal Diagnosis: A Review

Donald J. McDonald, MD*

Current Concepts in Medicine

Rheumatic Fever and its Cardiac Manifestations in Children: An Update

Mohamed K. Mardini, MD*

Current Concepts in Medicine

Genitourinary Schistosomiasis (Bilharziasis). Part 2: Clinical, Parasitologic, Immunologic, and Radiologic Diagnosis

Kamal A. Hanash, MD* Nabil K. Bissada, MD† David B. Lew All, MD‡ and John T. Godwin, MD§

Original Article

Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Extremities (Marjolin's Ulcer): A Preliminary Study

Robert M. Lifeso, MD* and Colin A. Bull, MBBS†

Original Article

Intracranial Extension of Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Scalp: A Preliminary Study

Peter M. Carney, MD* and Werther G. Marchesan, MD†

Original Article

Basic Techniques for Lower Extremity Rehabilitation in Poliomyelitis Patients

Charles F. Eberle, MD*

Original Article

Hypersplenism in Hodgkin's Disease : A Report of Three Cases and Review of the Literature

Rajih S. Sabbah, MD,* Colin A. Bull, MBBS,† and John Ratcliffe, MD‡

Original Article

Management of Snake Bite in Saudi Arabia

Michael E. Kingston, MD*



Edward J. Harder, MD


The King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Quality Health Care

Michael E. Debakey, MD, Arthur C. Beall, Jr, MD

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