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VOLUME 1 | ISSUE 1 | JULY 1981
The Specialist’s Answer

The Specialist’s Answer

Michael Kingston, MD

The Specialist’s Answer

The Specialist’s Answer

Edward Harder, MD

The Specialist’s Answer

The Specialist’s Answer

Raymond Kwik, MD

The Specialist Answer

The Specialist’s Answer

F. George Walker, MD, Juan J. Tur, MD

The Specialist Answer

The Specialist’s Answer

H. Earl Ginn, MD


Clinicopathologic Conference

Participants: M. Ashraf Ali, MD* and Rajih S. Sabbah, MD†

Editor. Mohammed Akhtar, MD

Current Concept

Asthma: Recent Advances in Management

Harb A. Harfi, MD*


International Nursing: The Need for a Comprehensive Orientation Program

Grace E. Tucker, RN, MS* and Ebeline Zee, RN, BN†

Current Concepts in Medicine

Genito-urinary Schistosomiasis (Bilharziasis). Part 1

Kamal A. Hanash, MD* and Nabil K. Bissada, MD†

Medical Progress

Recent Advances in Renal Transplantation

N. L. Tilney, MD*

Original Article

Ultrasonography in Spontaneous Rupture of the Liver Due to Hepatoma

W. Larkworthy, MB, BS,*and Sheshagiri Rao, MB, BS†

Original Article

Cryofibrinogenemia and Gangrene in Pregnancy: Resolution following Delivery

Michael E. Kingston, MD,* Mohamed H. Soliman, PhD† and M. Ashraf Ali, MD‡ 

Original Article

A New Simple Afterloading Applicator for Gynecological Intracavitary Therapy

Don E. Wrede, PhD,* Anthony Beal, MS,† and Salah El-Akkad, MD‡

Original Article

Melanotic Schwannoma of the Mediastinum: Light and Electron Microscopic Study

Mohammed Akhtar, MD,* M. Ashraf ALI, MD,† and Emyr W. Owen, MB, CHB‡ 

Original Article

The Management of Multiple Large Hydatid Cysts of the Liver

William L. Weirich, MD*

Original Article

Infectious Mononucleosis: Pitfalls in Diagnosis

Rajih S. Sabbah, MD* Peter McArthur, MD† and Nizar Feteih, MD‡


Excellence: The Role of the Specialist Hospital in a Developing Country

Peter M. Carney, MD

Original Article

Sensitivity, Specificity, and Predictive Accuracy as Measures of Efficacy of Diagnostic Tests

John R. Prince, PhD* and David B. Lewall, MD†


Why Another Medical Journal?

Kamal A. Hanash, MD, MS


Developing a Specialist-care Facility in Saudi Arabia

Nizar Feteih, MD, FCCP, FACC

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