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Original Article

Outcomes of road traffic injuries before and after the implementation of a camera ticketing system: a retrospective study from a large trauma center in Saudi Arabia

Suliman Alghnam,a Muhamad Alkelya,b Moath Alfraidy,c Khalid Al-bedah,d Ibrahim Tawfiq Albabtain,d Omar Alshenqeetye

Original Article

Z-score growth reference data for Saudi preschool children

Mohammad Issa El Mouzan,a Ahamed Shaffi,b Abdullah Al Salloum,a Mansour M. Alqurashi,c Abdullah Al Herbish,d Ahmad Al Omere

Original Article

Reference intervals for common biochemistry laboratory tests in the Saudi population by a direct a priori method

Xuejiao L. Hu, Huda Hassan, Fouad Hassan Al-Dayel

Original Article

Anthropometric cutoff values for predicting metabolic syndrome in a Saudi community: from the SAUDI-DM study

Khalid Al-Rubean,a Amira M. Youssef,b Yousuf AlFarsi,a Ahmad H. Al-Sharqawi,c Nahla Bawazeer,d Mohammad T. AlOtaibi,a Fahd Issa AlRumaih,a Muhammad Shoaib Zaidia

Original Article

Effects of blood transfusion on oxygen extraction ratio and central venous saturation in children after cardiac surgery

Bana Nasser,a Mohmad Tageldein,a Abdulrahman AlMesned,a Mohammad Kabbanib

Original Article

Association of human leukocyte antigen DRB1 with anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide autoantibodies in Saudi patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Abdullah Alrogy,a Abduallah Dirar,a Waleed Alrogy,a Hana Fakhoury,b Ali Hajeerc

Original Article

Comparison of two approaches to lateral nasal osteotomy in Saudi patients

Ahmad A. Mirza,a Osama A. Marglani,b Mian U. Farooq,c Talal A. Al-Khatib,d Waed S. Jameel,e Noran A. Sultan,e Mohammed S. Alyf

Original Article

Effectiveness of stapedotomy in improving hearing sensitivity for 53 otosclerotic patients: retrospective review

Farid Alzhrani,a Mohammad M. Mokhatrish,b Murad O. Al-Momani,a Hassan Alshehri,c Abdulrahman Hagr,a Soha N. Garadatd

Original Article

Effect of Nigella sativa supplementation over a one-year period on lipid levels, blood pressure and heart rate in type-2 diabetic patients receiving oral hypoglycemic agents: nonrandomized clinical trial

Ahmed Badar,a Huda Kaatabi,a Abdullah Bamosa,a Abdulmohsen Al-Elq,b Bodour Abou-Hozaifa,a Fatma Lebda,a Akram Alkhadra,b Sameeh Al-Almaie

Original Article

Effect of Nigella sativa supplementation on lung function and inflammatory mediators in partly controlled asthma: a randomized controlled trial

Ayad Mohammed Salem,a Abdullah Omar Bamosa,a Hatem Othman Qutub,b Rakesh Kumar Gupta,b Ahmed Badar,a Abdelsalam Elnour,a Muhammad Nasir Afzalc 

Special Communication

Advancing Nursing Practice: The Emergence of the Role of Advanced Practice Nurse in Saudi Arabia

Denise Hibbert,a Ahmad E. Aboshaiqah,b Kathy A. Sienko,c Debra Forestell,d Adel W. Harb,e Shadia A. Yousuf,f Patricia W. Kelley,g Patricia F. Brennan,h Laura Serrant,i Alison Learyj

Case Report

A rare case of Erdheim-Chester disease in the breast

Razan F. Binyousef,a Aboelkhair M. Al-gahmi,b Zahid Rahman Khan,a Elham Rawahb


Metastases of malignant melanoma on the skin of the abdomen and thorax imitating herpes zoster

Beata Bergler-Czop, Ligia Brzezinska-Wcislo, Bartosz Miziolek